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Reality Sinks In

Well, I guess I was feeling a bit giddy when I was writing the last newsletter. Now reality has sunk in and Larry and I are realizing that even though we sold the house, that means we have to buy the other, bigger, more expensive house. So we're not quite as giddy as we were a few weeks ago. Still relieved, but not giddy. I've explained to Larry that I simply do not work with numbers in the 6 digits because they make me nervous and then I'd have to consume more chocolate and then that nifty bathing suit I treated myself to last year after I lost all that weight would no longer fit. And that wouldn't be good. So he's handling the financing and I'm signing whatever anyone puts in front of me without looking at it. This is a worrisome situation, as I am supposed to be the math brain around this place. Too bad. I quit.

Anna has misplaced her sense of humor and cannot find it anywhere. Tonight at dinner I noticed that she had drawn a few small hearts on her…