Friday, March 14, 2008

Clarification, and Bonus Discussion Question

Ahem - I would like to state here that yesterday's post was directed at the thick-headed male scientists who are trying to develop a female Viagra, not at my remarkably considerate husband. My husband does, in fact, read Curious George to the 4-year-olds, and he does actually help with the dishes (though I truly don't expect him to after a long day at work - honestly!), and sometimes he even has the sense to feed me chocolate.

Not that yesterday's post bothered him or anything...

The keyboard thing, when I call him at work, though? He does that. And I hate it.

And I wasn't saying that men like sex and women don't - I was just saying that men will choose to have sex when they are tired or in a bad mood just to perk themselves up, whereas women will have sex only if they are in a good mood already. Key gender differences, again - ignore at your own risk!

Okay, have we cleared that all up? Good. Whew.

Susie peed all over the front stoop today, and also all over her shoes; somehow this episode resulted in my spending an hour sorting out hand-me-down clothes in the attic while looking for some footwear for her to put on. And Larry wonders why I never get anything done.

What are the odds that 2 bloggers I read are both published in the current issue of Brain, Child? I mean, considering all the zillions of bloggers with kids who are out there....maybe I just have good taste, you know? Mommy-blogger connoisseur, that's me!

I didn't purchase that issue of Brain, Child by the way - I just popped into the local Barnes & Noble and looked at the articles. I rationalize this behavior by telling myself that I buy things there fairly regularly; but really, isn't what I did just the same as stealing? I think it may be. Discuss, please. Make sure to back up your argument. Extra credit for good penmanship.

I must go. Anna is standing near me, visibly annoyed; and her annoyance is creating a sort of miasma around my head which makes it hard to breathe. Need...air...(gasp)...


  1. Have you seen the book "P*rn for Women"? It has pictures of attractive men doing housework.

  2. I don't know how I missed two days of your posts, but I'm caught up now.

    Your last two posts are very funny...and so, so true. You'd think after a hundred million years or so of evolution, that little detail might slip into the DNA.

  3. I think that if Barnes and Noble didn't want us to read the articles in the magazines, they would keep them behind the counter instead of out on the shelves. They also provide several nice little spots to sit and read.
    I believe that they EXPECT you to read the articles in the magazines. In fact, they would probably be highly insulted if you didn't.

  4. I am similarly stifled tonight-send oxygen quickly!

    I am going to look up that book, Jen.

  5. I know that aura of childhood negativism well.

    Maybe I need a pee episode to help me go through the kids summer clothes. I just can't get up the energy.

  6. Ha! You used "miasma" in a sentence and now I'm totally hooked on your blog.


  7. I get to be the 3rd Jenn in a row--you really know your demographic!

    Sulky, annoyed teenagers--you're speaking my language.

  8. MMMM, that's a tough one!

    Is it like trying on a new dress?

    Or is it like eating the food in a supermarket to see if it tastes good?

    Or test driving a car?

    ....or does it feel ok because Barnes and Noble is a big chain?

    Ultimately, I think they would sell less if people couldn't look!
    ....and you did buy Curious George!

  9. yes, indeed men like a quicky to perk them up, whereas we women prefer something a little longer-lasting and more meaningful, and it's helpful if you have enough energy left to be able to stay awake really. I find women are pretty keen on sex, but then I am not a man! Anyway enough of that.

    I just stopped by to tell you that I have at last written that post that you requested from me about 20 years ago. Have several very strong cups of coffee first if you do pop over to read it - as it is not one of my most scintillating efforts (it's about work about all).

    Thanks for the request anyway. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I love Brain, Child.
    I agree with jill, they wouldn't but out the comfy chairs and coffee if they didn't expect reading. For crying out loud, they make it more welcoming than most public libraries. And people seem okay with buying used books new book prices...

  11. So, you got in trouble, did you? I got into that with posts about my kids until they stopped reading my blog. (My own miasma.) I am not sure about your question and I think a time factor must be part of the decision. Were you sampling tidbits or eating a meal on the run? (My guess is the latter.)

  12. "Men will choose to have sex when they are tired or in a bad mood just to perk themselves up, whereas women will have sex only if they are in a good mood already."

    = PERFECT description.


  13. That thing about ending up in the attic, doing the clothing swap? OMG - So true.

  14. no, that's not stealing from Barnes & Noble. My gosh, people go in there, set up an office, and write an entire senior thesis, using research materials from B & N, without so much as buying a cup of coffee.

    You are definitely in the clear.

  15. I'm sorry~ I'm not sure what the question is anymore. That use of the word miasma got me all befuddled and feeling light headed.
    What is this Brain Child of which you speak?!?!

  16. And my daughter peed all over the bathroom floor this morning. Something about not getting her underwear off in time.

  17. i think bookstores expect you to come in and browse the magazines. i think they love it. for the most part it results in much spending of money.

  18. Well, for one, I totally agree with your sex comments.

    Just sayin.

    As for B&N? As long as the chocolate doesn't melt on the pages, I can't imagine that they'd complain. But I'll ask my stepson - he works in one. THEN I'll come back with my argument - but I can't promise about my penmanship.

  19. I don't get it. Are you afraid the pill will work, and you'll end up having sex without getting any housework out of it?

  20. diesel - exactly. That was my whole point. Excuse me, I have to wipe the dripping sarcasm off my keyboard now.

  21. I'm off to read the post that provoked this one. Sounds interesting.

    Peeing in clothes..why, I feel right at home.

    And Absolutely NOT. It is your right to peruse (read) in a bookstore. Just don't mess up/crinkle the pages! ;)