Monday, September 27, 2010

Carefree Motoring

I've waited almost 19 years for this moment.  More precisely, 18 years, 10 months, and, oh, a couple of days.  You see, our family has reached a special milestone...

No one needs help getting buckled into the car.

Ah, freedom!  No more must I stick my butt out in the rain as I struggle with a car seat strap; no longer am I pinching my fingers between 2 unforgiving car seats while feeling around for a concealed seatbelt.  Instead, like any dependent-free chick half my age, I can toss my purse in the car, climb into the driver's seat, and GO.  Like the wind, baby!

That is, if the wind has a row of self-buckled children sitting behind it, arguing over who gets to eat the loose Smarties someone scavenged off the floor of the car...


  1. I'm there now too, but I fear I've timed my situation all wrong. My oldest is almost 26 and just got married -- which means soon enough I'll be a grandma struggling with some darned newfangled car seat, won't I? (I hope.) (True story.)

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am.
    Max still has to gain a good 7 pounds before he can ride in a booster seat and use a regular seat belt.
    I do make his siblings buckle him in whenever possible, unfortunately, it's not always possible.

    Congratulations to you and your new care free life!

  3. I remember clearly the first day in 10 years I left home without a diaper bag.

    Seat belt Day was a close second. Congratulations...I think.

  4. Oh, the freedom!

    It truly is a joy to just be able to say, "Kennel up, boys!" (That really is what we say to them.)

  5. LOoooove it! Unhappily, I live in Alaska which requires car seats until the age of 8. I've got one. more. year. *sigh* (Although, all told, still a few years short of your grand total.)

  6. CONGRATS!! I remember that day in my own life. :)

  7. Our arguments go between the two olders...who is going to ride in the front seat.
    And although I am nervous about first kiddo learning to drive, sometimes I CANNOT wait not to be the continual taxi...

  8. I'll get to that point eventually? We still have 4 in carseats, as VA requires booster seats until age 8. Is that in a booster seat all the way through 8 yrs old, or the day they turn 8 they can ride in a regular seatbelt? I'm sure we'll find out eventually...

  9. Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment!! Mine are all able to buckle themselves into their carseats, but two can't unbuckle by themselves... halfway there!

  10. Isn't that a magical day? It's still not in sight yet for us, for the Baby is a frail thing and needs to be buckled in. By her DAD. I'm not her servant.

  11. Oh the thrill of no-fuss car loading! Congratulations on reaching this milestone in their development!



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