Friday, September 28, 2012


I'll have time to chat later; right now I am busy readying Rachel and Susie for our homeschooling group's annual family camping trip.  For 2 days and nights, Larry and the girls will be sleeping in a tent, using dirty toilets, and eating hotdogs and canned soup with ten other families.

Gosh, what a shame I can't go...

Meanwhile, Brian will be away at the local Boy Scout camporee for the weekend, leaving only David (aka the Silent Teen/Computer Genius) here at home. 

Oh, fellow moms, imagine the quiet!  The blessed quiet!  I can feel every molecule of my body relaxing at the very thought.  I don't know about you, but I don't mind housework so much as I mind the interruptions.   So this weekend, while scrubbing the tub and organizing the clutter, I'll be focusing my entire being on the task at hand rather than anticipating the inevitable "Mommy!" that falls upon my ears approximately every 10 minutes during a typical day.

Like this, only I'll have a toilet brush in one hand and Lysol Wipes in the other

And, yes, I do love and appreciate time with my children.  The dosage has been rather high lately, is all.   And a weekend camping trip seems like a more practical solution to that problem than my vague plan of running away to a convent somewhere and spending the rest of my life in silent contemplation.

Besides, I don't know if convents take Jews.

[Meditation image: AU Health and Wellness]


  1. Damn. Will he take my kids, too? I REALLY need a break. That'd be me, with a paint roller in my hand. And when I finish that, that'd be me playing with Modge-Podge. Damn you, Pinterest!

    Why is it that when men get a day off, they play golf, but when women get a day off, we clean? Oh well, at least we accomplish something with our day. :)

  2. enjoy! i don't know when the idea of scrubbing toilets in solitude became fun, but i can relate! also a great weekend to purge your closets. xo

  3. Did you see Jennifer's (conversion diary) 7 quick posts today? There's a take on camping that I think you might relate to!

    Enjoy the blessed quiet!


  4. Have a great weekend. Do take a few minutes to actually watch the TV or read a good book. You've earned it.

  5. It's good that you have already thought out what you will do with this blessed Alone Time. Once, a few years ago, the rest of my family went away for 1 1/2 days, and I didn't know what to do with myself.

    And thanks for your comment on my post about the dripping noise - I am heeding your wise words, and already have a call in to two roofers. I'm hoping it will turn out to be nothing, but if it's something it's much better to know about it now.

  6. I understand. I truly do. I love being with my kids. But, when the interruptions come so fast and furious and you can't complete a thought, a prayer, or a gets old....really old. Enjoy your quiet time. I love the mental image of you in the criss cross applesauce yoga pose with toilet brush and wipes. And, just think, the things you clean....will still be clean in 2 days.

  7. I love it when I am left in a quiet house with only a Silent Teen (even if he tells me to go get some sleep at night when I would otherwise stay up too late reading).
    As Kayla said above, it's not just about the quiet clean -- it's also about the STAYING CLEAN for more than 10 minutes. Oh, the bliss!

  8. You seem ill-suited to convent life anyway;) Enjoy the bliss of solitude and silence.

  9. Don't get too used to it cause it grows on you pretty quickly!

  10. We love camping, I tell myself at least once a year. I finally found 1 set of tent poles and the small dome tent they go with so I can go to Webelo's wood this weekend at the boy scout camp with #7. Hubby works nights, he will be getting home around the time I leave tomorrow am. I know he is heart broken about missing a soggy, rainy camping trip, but I think he will get over it. Now, where are all the parts for my 6 other tents and why have the ripped ones not repaired themselves yet?

  11. No matter how much I try to keep the camping gear organized, there's always stuff missing.

  12. My kids like to go camping in the yard. They then abandon stuff there until it bothers me or hubby enough to clean it up or nag teenagers to do so.