Sunday, April 21, 2013

This And That, And Some Excellent Movies

Like this, but with better hair...
Thanks to everyone who added their ideas to our list of useful seminars for parents of teens in the last post's comments!  Head on over there to enjoy such ideas as Siblings Without Rivalry, Because You're the Common Enemy (Sarah) and The Audacity of Hope: Waking Teens Before Noon (from Not Beehive, who has no blog and the world is surely the poorer for it).  We should definitely make these a reality. 

Alternatively, a friend of mine suggested having a radio show like Car Talk, only the callers would be parents of teens looking for advice.  Oh, my goodness, this would be so awesome and funny.  NPR?  Call me.

The movie nights I enjoy with my friend have led to our discovery of an awesome Danish director named Susanne Bier.  If you enjoy movies with complex, multifaceted characters and don't mind subtitles, you HAVE to check out After the Wedding, Brothers, and In A Better World.  If, on the other hand, you think Airplane was a great movie, just forget it.  (Yes, Larry, I'm talking to you.)

Oh, my Lord, this is so NOT US.
Larry and I spent the day trying to get our stinkbug-attracting pop-up camper ready for our trip to Theo's graduation in May.  He opened it up in the parking lot in order to fix something electrical, while I inventoried supplies; in other words, we looked for all the world like one of those happy camping families that you would see in a camping gear advertisement.  Neighbors stopped by and ooh'ed and aah'ed over our little set-up, to the point that even I was fooled into thinking that it was all EASY and FUN.  

But it isn't.  It really isn't.  Susie climbed into the camper at one point and said, "It's so big!  I don't remember its being so big!"

Of course, you don't, honey.  The last time you saw the camper, we had just spent 8 days living in it; and, believe you me, it felt VERY SMALL by that point.

And...that's all I've got tonight, folks.  Just sitting up late, nursing a migraine and trying not to puke, actually.  Life is so much fun sometimes.

[Tom and Ray image: King Features]
[Camping image: TLC]


  1. Okay, that's what I get for reading my blog list on my phone right before I fall asleep..I thought it was BOOKS for parents of teens, not seminars. Now I might have to go ahead and write my list. Because of course I kept thinking of them all night.

    Your words about camping made me kind of melancholy! Haven't been camping since my baby was born..13 years ago. Might be time.

    Hope your head is better :( Migraines suck.


  2. I hate migraines. Hate, hate, hate. I am amazed that you don't have PTSD just from opening the pop-up camper. I do not 'believe' in camping and think those that can do it without absolutely losing their minds are sainted beings... and that goes triple with kids.

  3. God bless the great indoors, where I plan to stay forever. My ex used to camp and I always wondered why he needed steak in the woods when we eat hamburger at home. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere that doesn't involve the usual Paul Newman quotation.

    I love all 3 of the Susanne Bier movies you mentioned, but especially After the Wedding.

  4. I am a total fan of the actor who played the rich guy in After the Wedding. Amazing performance. And I KNOW, I don't get the steak in the woods thing at all. My husband keeps wanting to mess around with fancy recipes over the campfire, when we have a perfectly good stove at home. Tell me, what is even remotely appealing about crouching over an open flame and counting the number of briquettes you put on top of the dutch oven? "It's outside," he tells me. Oh, I see - being bitten by bugs makes food taste better..

    No, I just don't get it.

  5. I can't believe Theo is already graduating. I remember when he left for college!

  6. Misery loves company so perhaps you convinced a few neighbors to give it a whirl? As a kid, our tent trailer always seemed bigger when it was opened and inventoried prior to a summer trip -- and miserably crowded once the trip was well underway.
    I will have to go check out those films. I happily have an indie film friend (single! childless! immaculate house!) with Netflix.
    And why can't kids stay cute and little? My firstborn turned 22 today... he's all grown up, moved out, and married. Yikes!
    Sorry about that migraine. 'Tis the season apparently!

  7. Eight days in a camper. I am in awe of your fortitude.

    1. It's desperation, not fortitude. We can't afford nice hotels; so, without the camper, I'd never get to leave town.

  8. 8 days in a camper. Ohh not fun haha. I max out after 4 days on a good trip.