Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mad for Mads

May this remain empty
So far, so good.  But I still don't have the nerve to put away the bucket or the cleaning supplies yet.  I'm not interested in tempting fate, you know.  And I think the stomach bug is waiting for my washer to die before it reappears.  Lately, the washer won't finish spinning and I go downstairs to find it blinking an error code at me and the clothes inside are still quite drippy.  So, because I like to avoid reality, I take the too-drippy clothes and throw them in the dryer (which housekeeping practice, I am sure, will result in its early demise, also) and put a new load in the washer and then everything is okay.  At least, I pretend it is.

You know, I went without a dishwasher for over 2 years and barely blinked an eye.  But I bet 36 hours would be the longest I could last without a clothes washer.  It's a good thing I've got a Best Buy 5 minutes from my house, is all I'm saying.  Because you never know when you will have an appliance emergency...

NOT a child molester, thank goodness...
I am going to a friend's house for an Oscars party on Sunday, and I am mighty pleased with the fact that I have actually seen 3 of the Best Picture nominees this year.  3!  That's a record.  And I have even watched one of the Foreign Film category nominees - The Hunt.  If you like foreign films, definitely check it out (it streams on Netflix).  The movie features Mads Mikkelsen, who frequently stars in the Danish films by Susanne Bier that I have raved about. My movie-watching friend and I adore him unreservedly, and NOT just because he's gorgeous. 

Oh, but he is.  He definitely is.

[The Hunt image: fanpop!]


  1. I think I've seen this guy on Hannibal to the extent that I'm permanently creeped out. I can't help it.

    1. Oh, wow, I had no idea he played that role! Yeah, I guess that would have ruined him for me , too. So I am not going to watch it.

  2. If your washer is one of those front loaders, and you have washed your bath rugs (that have non-skid backings) and/or you actually had something in a pocket (like a bobby pin) it's possible that you could just have some sort of a build up that you will not be able to remove. My daughter had that happen and it took a service call to get it fixed. Yes, expensive, but less so than a new washer.

  3. I asked my grandma once what the greatest invention was in her lifetime and without hesitation she said the washing machine. Laundry used to take her two full days every week in Milwaukee, and the clothes would freeze solid in the winter and they'd have to iron them dry.

  4. I could live without a lot of appliances, but yeah, that washing machine is kind of a really big deal.
    I'm also going to a party tonight and have seen barely ANY movies this year. What's up with that???

  5. I bought my washer from a neighbor for $25 bucks. So far so good but if it dies I got my money's worth out of it the first day lol

  6. Washer, you have a kenmore or whirlpool front loader, with an error f 21? First unplug it. Then remove the front panel below the door by taking out the 3 screws below the bottom edge. If you have the bases on it, the screws are fairly easy to remove after opening the door. If no base, have a strong child help you tip it backwards and put a piece of lumber under it, so the screws are easy to reach. Once the front is removed, grab several towels and place them within easy reach, cause this will produce some water. Under the center of the door is a white circular piece about 3 inches across. Turn it counter clockwise and have towels ready, as water will poor out of the machine once the filter is removed. You will find all sorts of interesting stuff in the piece you pull out. Clean the change, earrings, barbie shoes, etc out of the filter. Screw it back on, making sure you have the little notch on one side lined up with the notch in the top of the pump. Put the front back on, and plug it back in. see what happens.

  7. the screws are fairly easy to remove after opening the DRAWER, not door. Too much caffeine this morning.

  8. We have to shut down laundry services every time the temperature dips below 25 degrees for any length of time. It only took one time experiencing frozen and burst water pipes to teach us this lesson. Unfortunately, we've had multiple days below 25 degrees this winter. One week without washing clothes & towels & more just about did me in!

  9. LG washer, if you have this model, cleaning the filter is easy.