Friday, June 24, 2016

All Wet

Et tu, LG?
Our dryer broke tonight.

In case that sounds familiar, yes, it is. Very. Repeatedly familiar, in fact.

Larry's tired. He doesn't know what's wrong, as he has already - over the past 9 months - replaced the moisture sensor, the thermostat thingie, and something else. He is SO DONE with this particular appliance. Particularly because he knows that, even if he does manage to fix the dryer by dint of spending his entire weekend on it, the washer will probably kick out on us next week, just to get even.

So we both turned to Brian. "How much is that employee discount at Best Buy?" we asked.

"Why?" he asked, startled.

"Because we need a new dryer, and you still want to go to college," I told him.

"They said I could only use the discount for myself and a spouse," said our markedly unattached 16-year-old.

Larry took a step closer to him. "Then tell them," he said, through gritted teeth, "you're married."

Like I said, the man's tired.


  1. Not again! (for you and Larry)
    Congratulations, Brian! (and his imaginary wife)

  2. Speed Queen makes indestructible washing machines and the only ones left that have no electronics to fail. The only thing is that they're used commercially so they're not gentle on clothes nor water usage--they're designed to do the job well and fast. I haven't looked at their dryers but I imagine they'd be in the same ballpark. The other thing is that the washers (which is what I was having problems with, thus the attention paid) are guaranteed for twenty years. Twenty.

    Hang in there. (And wow, someone else whose dishwasher tried to burn the house down!)

  3. Sounds like Brian is going to be getting himself a new dryer. And a new wife.

  4. Brian's clothes are dried in that machine so it will be for his own use. Same for the new washer you should get at the same time. And the refrigerator if you decide to get a new one. It will be in the house where Brian lives, therefore it is for Brian's use. Period.

    I can be such an authoritarian.

    1. Totally my thinking, too - as long as it is for the household he lives in, that's fair.

  5. Brian should see if they have a coin-operated drier. JK. I will bet that a teenage employee buying one drier does not set off the internal alarms at Best Buy, and that buying 5 iPads with the discount does.
    May this drier last until you have a grandchild working for an Elon-Musk-founded company who get a discount on its space-based clothes drying product.

  6. Oh that is funny! And just the thing a teenaged boy wants to buy right? Use it up! That's a benefit fair and square!