Space Age Gifts

I don't know where I've been. I'm not going to even try to catch up, whatever that means. Just rest assured there's been a lot of knitting happening, with some cooking thrown in, and also tons of driving. Because that's pretty much all my life is about right now.

Look! Festive! Breakfast, anyone?

I made those blueberry muffins at 10:30 this evening (can I still call that evening?). I was just going to get the ingredients together and then get up at 6 AM to throw them in the oven tomorrow morning bright and early, but then I came to my senses. Now I can sleep in all the way to 7. For some reason I scheduled a well child physical for Susie at 8 AM tomorrow. I guess I thought it would be smart to get the first appointment and not have to wait?

Anyway, now I hate myself for that. But at least I'll be able to stop feeling guilty about having forgotten to do this earlier this year. I swear, every year, there is one kid who gets neglected, medical appointment-wise. 2017 was Susie's turn, apparently.

In other inconsequential news, I found a stinkbug crawling around the floor of the den tonight. I got Brian to remove him and flush him to his watery doom, because I am still so traumatized by the Great Stinkbug Invasion of 2010, I can't go near the things. My Son Formerly Known As Helpful seemed put out by my bug-catching request, because apparently he thinks those blueberry muffins just BAKE THEMSELVES.

I'm not too burned out on parenting to go all Little Red Hen on these offspring of mine, is what I'm sayin'.

And, hey, it's December. How about a gift idea?

NASA-themed, of course

Shot glasses make handy toothpick holders! Buy an attractive shot glass for your friend who likes to bake. Or drink. Or both. No judging here. This particular shot glass was bought by David, who got to be an intern at NASA last summer. He also got Rachel a NASA T-shirt that says, "I need my space."

Rachel's 15. That shirt is PERFECT.

Okay! Great to talk at you, but it's time for bed. Be good, for goodness sake!


  1. First of all - those blueberry muffins look AMAZING! It probably doesn't help that I cannot eat that stuff - well, I could eat the gluten free version, but yuck. Why bother? Oh how often I stay up too late thinking life the next day will just be easier if I get a few more things done. Then I spend the next day dragging myself thru the torturous-fuzzy-head-feeling-sleepy day. My jaw dropped at your doc appointment comment. My kids' pediatrician CALLED my house a few weeks ago. I had failed to get a well visit for Curly since she was in kindergarten. Um, she is in 4th grade. Oops. I feel like all I do is race around to get kids to their sports/school physicals. She slipped thru the cracks. Got an appointment right away. Still 97% for height. Not much new there. My son Eddie would probably really like to score an internship at NASA. What was David studying? Or what year was he in school? Love that t-shirt too. Lad comes home from school in less than a week . . . the rest of us should invest in those t-shirts as a general uniform.

    1. David is studying mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on aerospace (because he's going to school in Huntsville, AL, aka Rocket City). Students generally land the internships summer after sophomore or junior year. Next up? He managed to get a spring semester internship with Blue Origin, at one of their test sites. He is OVER THE MOON (pun most sincerely not intended, but hey, that was a good one, wasn't it?) about this. So am I.

  2. Oh, AND I found a stink bug in my bathroom this morning and flushed it. Kid you not!

  3. I'm sure you were thinking - first appointment, virtually no chance of the doctor running behind. That's the way I schedule all my appointments. Those muffins look delicious!

  4. I read your reply comment up there, and I can't believe this internship is after sophomore year. Wow. My daughter has some growing up to do I guess. She seems light years away from something like that. However maybe it is just because I underestimate her...

  5. Rachel is 15? When did this happen?!?

  6. "My Son Formerly Known As Helpful" LOVE LOVE This line haha


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