Thursday, February 21, 2013


Commenters on Tuesday's blog post were overwhelmingly in favor of my opening the expired sweepstakes bag of peanut M&M's.  They all agreed on the two rationales of "You have to know if you would have won" and "It's chocolate!  Don't waste the chocolate!"

Women after my own heart, all of you....

So, with the children gathered around me (see above, re "chocolate"), I ripped open the bag.  Would the contents all be brown?  Had I truly missed out on $100,000?

As you can see from the picture above, no, I hadn't.  And, unfortunately, peanut M&M's do not hold up well to the ravages of time.  Quite stale, they were.  Alas.  But at least I do not have to lie on my (hopefully far-in-the-future) deathbed and wonder what was in that darn bag.  I wouldn't want to have a hospice nurse telling my grieving loved ones that they were not uppermost in my mind during my last hours here in these temporal realms.

It seems strange, I know; but she seemed agitated all last night...just kept repeating the words "M&M's," over and over...


  1. Glad to hear you didn't bury your face in 8,000 calories of stale peanuts and nuts. That's no way to go...

    1. Well, I didn't exactly SAY I didn't indulge...

  2. Too funny! Glad you opened it--I mean, how could you not know? So, yeah.

  3. Oh no . . what about that Nestle crunch bar wrapper I threw away ten years ago. Sigh . . : -)

  4. Oh, now that's just wrong. Commercial candy is supposed to survivel the apocalypse. Also, you opened it and still have neither $10,000 nor tasty candy. I feel your pain, SC, I really do.

  5. I might have eaten it anyway...
    But it's a relief to find they weren't all brown. Well, they ARE under that candy coating...

  6. 1. You should never let candy get to that point! That's morally wrong!

    2. You mentioned M&Ms and hospice. This is a kind of funny story about when my dad was dying. We had a two-pound bag of peanut M&Ms in his room and it went an entire week and none of us - my brother, my sister, my mom, or me - touched it. We joked that it was a miracle that the chocolate endured but that wasn't the miracle we had been hoping for. :)