Saturday, July 21, 2001


Here you go - all the tidbits of wisdom and despair about marriage that have appeared on this blog, gathered up into one easy-to-find list.  That's right, it's all here: the trials and tribulations of home improvement, date nights, and raising children, as amplified by that not-so-blissful state of holy matrimony.

Until Death Do Us Part

Love And Marriage

The Perils Of Paint

Wherein I Eat Copious Amounts Of Crow

Hope Springs Eternal

Tim Allen, Where Are You?

Contra Indicated

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Just Call Me Czarina

Let No Man Put Asunder

Marriage. For Reals.

Old Marrieds

Photographic Evidence

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Common Cents

Household economics and high finance got you befuddled? Read the info provided below and you'll know more than most high-flying Wall Street financiers (if current events are any indication).

Simple Folk


Hard Times

Stop Whining

Cheap Children

Breaking News