Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reality Sinks In

Well, I guess I was feeling a bit giddy when I was writing the last newsletter. Now reality has sunk in and Larry and I are realizing that even though we sold the house, that means we have to buy the other, bigger, more expensive house. So we're not quite as giddy as we were a few weeks ago. Still relieved, but not giddy. I've explained to Larry that I simply do not work with numbers in the 6 digits because they make me nervous and then I'd have to consume more chocolate and then that nifty bathing suit I treated myself to last year after I lost all that weight would no longer fit. And that wouldn't be good. So he's handling the financing and I'm signing whatever anyone puts in front of me without looking at it. This is a worrisome situation, as I am supposed to be the math brain around this place. Too bad. I quit.

Anna has misplaced her sense of humor and cannot find it anywhere. Tonight at dinner I noticed that she had drawn a few small hearts on her bare upper arm (shades of a tattoo?) and so I asked her if that was akin to wearing her heart on her sleeve. She looked at me as if I had just thrown up all over her dinner. You know, I didn't expect her to be rendered helpless with laughter; just a small smile would have been enough.

Susie, believe it or not, is figuring out how to whistle by watching Rachel. She's brilliant. She is also brave. She doesn't even flinch when Rachel stands directly in front of her and screams into her face (at absolute top volume), "I told you not to drink from my cup!" Susie knows who Mommy is going to side with. I told you she's smart.

Theo thinks he can write a research paper in a week. How did he learn to act like a college student already?

All the kids went to the dentist today (why are you reading this? I don't know). I love that place - 5 kids for cleaning and checkups and we were still out of there in under an hour. With balloons. Rachel was trying to tell Alison (only the world's greatest dental assistant - didn't you know?) how to take x-rays. Which is odd, as Rachel has never had x-rays taken before. Anna was there, too; she managed not to die of embarrassment during the whole ordeal of being seen in public with us.

Larry thinks he is going away again next week, on another (ahem) management retreat. How stupid does he think I am?

Don't answer that.

Well, I've got to go figure out how to pack up all the stuff in this house; although I really cannot understand how there is anything left here, what with all the boxes we stuffed in our neighbor's house before the house sale and the bags and bags of things I threw out or gave away. But there are still a lot of items to deal with. Luckily, I can get rid of all that junk Larry insists on holding onto while he is away next week. All of it. Every last piece. Are you reading this, honey? Good.