Monday, June 29, 2009

On Top Of Spaghetti....

Okay, appliance verses tomorrow - I've got a headache this evening, so it's too hard to do all that cutting and pasting right now.

Why is it that, the minute I sit down to write a dinner menu for the 2 (or 3, or 4) weeks ahead, I can't remember any meals in my repertoire?

Yesterday, prior to my commissary trip, I was attempting to remember what the heck I cook for dinner every night; when I asked the kids to name their favorite meals, Larry kept chiming in with "Spaghetti!"

Around about the 7th or 8th time, I tried to set him straight:

Spaghetti is not an entree. Spaghetti is one part of an entree. Stop saying spaghetti!

(Sounding hurt) I was just trying to help.

Do you really think that writing "spaghetti" on this calendar makes it a meal? Spaghetti is just white flour. You can't serve white flour for dinner.

Well, you can serve it with something else.


I don't know.

Sheesh - for a man who can make his own pizzelles, he's acting awfully clueless. I suspect it's learned helplessness, and it definitely works. I never ask him to cook dinner unless I want the kids to have hotdogs. Just hotdogs.


I interrupt this post to inform my readers that menopausal hot flashes can make your fingers sweat.


I've spent the day exulting over my blog makeover. When Larry came home this evening, I asked, "So! Did you notice my new look?"

Poor guy. He scanned my hair and clothes for any possible clues and, coming up empty, ventured, "It looks nice?"

You've got to hand it to him - he goes down swinging.


  1. I've been waiting 2 days for my husband to make the pork tenderloin recipe out of Weber's Real Grilling. It's "his" recipe and I dare not touch it for fear of screwing it up.
    That tenderloin is going in the crockpot if he doesn't do it tomorrow, so it doesn't go bad in my fridge - if it hasn't already *sigh*

  2. Pregnancy makes your fingers sweat too.

  3. When it was my dad's turn to cook dinner all he ever fixed was fried hamburgers and spagettio's. I guess he figured the sauce on the spagettio's was the vegetable! No bun on the burger. just the burger with cheese if he was feeling domestic. Tell your hubby to add spagettio's to the meal and he would have it covered!

  4. spaghetti most certainly is NOT a meal.

    and if you put marinara on it, i most certainly won't eat it.

    but that's just me.

  5. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    We had spaghetti for supper last night. Around here, "spaghetti" is code word for pasta, homemade meat & tomato sauce, homemade (breadmaker) bread with butter, and a large salad. Maybe Larry is really a part of my family?

  6. 1. My kids (and husband) would eat spaghetti if I let them.

    2. I can only menu plan two weeks out because I run out of things to fix.

    3. I wish I had hot flashes because I'm always cold.

  7. Poor Larry. He and D would get along great--only D would ask "What did THAT cost me?"

  8. Oh great. Like I need sweaty fingers on top of everything else.

    I think you should serve spaghetti with rigatoni! And a side of macaroni. That'll teach him.

  9. Great "new look"!!!
    And a cute way of fishing...
    Poor Larry. If I ever get around to changing "my look" my husband will think I'm crazy for even
    thinking it is important. :p

  10. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    I thought I was the only one who can't remember the meals I have prepared for the past 18 or so years! My brain just goes blank and I can not think of a single meal or anything appetizing for that matter! Except maybe candy bars. I think this is a sign of true burn out.

    Spaghetti around here also means pasta with meat and tomato sauce, ceasar salad and garlic bread. Spaghetti is just the short way to say it!


  11. Whew! I'm glad I read the other comments--I thought I was the only one who thought spaghetti was a meal. At our house, it means pasta of some sort, sauce of some sort (usually jarred), and meatballs. We always add a green salad or green beans, and garlic bread. Easy, quick, and everyone will eat it!

  12. Love your new look!

    I can never plan my meals in advance. I spend at least an hour every single day, with my head stuck in the refrigerator wondering what to cook. I wish I could plan in advance.

    But then I am a self confessed crisis manager, so maybe the whole pre-planned menu is not for me.

  13. That's one benefit of having a kid on a special diet. Since I default as much as possible towards what he can have (low carb stuff) we pretty much have the same things all.the.time. That's not as bad as it sounds!

    Love the green!!

  14. I love the new look. Very shnazzy (how do you spell that?).

    And spaguetti counts as a meal if the sauce has vegetables in it right? And parmesan cheese as a topping?

  15. That reminds me-I have to compliment my husband's haircut.

    And carpoolqueen - be careful what you wish for!!

    I actually keep a list of my meals as reference for planning and shopping. That or flip theough cookbooks for ideas. If I ask my family they say pizza.