Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Eve

That doesn't sound right.  But, yes, I'm going.  I can't allow my 14-year-old to miss this seminal cultural event.  And we all know from past experience that Larry, while an adventure-loving guy, is simply not up to these Harry Potter events. If you care to join us at midnight tonight, I'll be the short, scared-looking Muggle clutching a bottomless popcorn while sipping from a vat-sized cup of Coca-Cola. When in Rome, you know...


  1. Enjoy! My husband was the Harry Potter's parent.

  2. Awesome. Jealous. Exciting.

  3. Just re-read your 2007 post and I have to say, the Harry Potter events are right up there with other, more historic news events. This is sad, I know. But I can still remember the generous co-worker of my late husband who showed up at the door with not one, but TWO copies for my kids, virtually the moment it hit the bookstores. These kinds of friends you never forget.

  4. Feel bad for my kids: neither one of us is the Harry Potter parent.



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