Friday, September 14, 2012

A River In Egypt

The humidity finally dropped around here, making it once more worthwhile to be alive.  We've taken advantage of the fine weather by walking EVERYWHERE - Michael's, the bagel shop, Harris Teeter.  The kids love it.

Oh, ha, ha, ha - I slay me.  No, they don't love it.  And they REALLY hate my God gave you legs for a reason lecture. Which is really too bad, as I am getting quite good at delivering it.

Maybe I'll make them walk to pick up a pizza? 

Sorry, nothing else to relate.  My mind is full of politics, but I won't inflict that on you - not today, anyway.  I guess we could start a betting pool as to when Larry will show up this evening.  He keeps working late, which I don't mind so much as the fact that he's in utter denial as to how late he is actually coming home.  I mentioned something this morning about his 9 PM arrival time home last night.

"I left work at 8!" Larry insisted.

"Well, you must have hit a lot of traffic, then," I told him. "I called home at 8:55 and David said you weren't home yet."

"I was home by 8:30!"

"Look! Right here on the Caller ID - you called from work at 8:32."



"Oh."  He walked away shaking his head, still clearly puzzled.

Denial is no match for technology.

[Man driving car image: BlindGossip]


  1. I'm like that with time & technology. However, I'd like to move my denial over to politics... and the goings-on in Egypt and elsewhere spurred on by some crazy fools. Ugh. I'm pretty sure I banged my head on the table when I saw the headlines.

  2. Ha! I always love it when I can prove (by means other than my direct and accurate knowledge) that I am actually right and my husband is actually wrong!

  3. Oh, the times my husband and I are thrusting our phones at each other--"See, I sent the text at 3:07 p.m." and "See, I never got your . . . never mind." I will let you guess which one of us speaks which line.

  4. Nabbed by Caller ID! Too bad it's not that easy to make the politicians climb out of Denial.

  5. I'm very happy with the weather these days. Drop the temps another 10 degrees and I'll be darn near euphoric.

  6. My husband is always experiencing a time warp like that.

  7. LOL!! My husband is a workaholic. He swears he leaves work "right after" he calls me, but inevitably he doesn't get home until an hour later. Their sense of time is warped by the idea that 8 seconds is 5 minutes.