Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Which I Am Left Alone To Ponder My Victimhood

Hey, it's another one of those fun weeks where Larry gets to travel to interesting places around the world on business while I stay home waiting for another bat invasion.  Try not to be jealous - not every gal is as lucky as I am.  Just think!  I can feed the kids pizza tonight and not even feel guilty about it. 

I'm thinking I should just put the local pizza place on speed dial, already.

This is NOT our toilet. But I bet it works better.
And, naturally, the minute Larry left, one of the toilets stopped functioning correctly.  Now, normally, this would not be a problem.  After all, we have 4 (yes, 4!) toilets in this townhouse of ours.  Unfortunately, the toilet that went on the fritz is NOT the toilet that resides in the bathroom with the non-working sink.  So now we have to use the toilet in the master bath and then walk all the way over to the main bathroom to wash our hands.

I know!  We suffer.  I blame the Obama administration.  If it hadn't coopted me into being such a dependent victim, maybe I could figure out how to use the toilet plunger correctly. 

[Toilet image: Pix O'Plenty]


  1. You should totally get a toilet like that and only stock it with piranha and eels. Make sure you put it in the guest bathroom.

  2. I feel your pain - my husband is out of town also. Our toilets are still working (knock on wood) but I have Back-to-School night to attend tonight. And tomorrow. Without him.

    And I don't think husbands appreciate what we do while they're gone. I unclog enough toilets while he's out of town that it's ALWAYS his job when he IS home.

  3. The plumbing or heating ALWAYS waits until my husband's business trip to break.

    Perhaps you need the M.I.T. pizza button. Supposedly one of those whiz kids installed a pizza-ordering button in his dorm room. Press the button, and you have automatically ordered your favorite pizza for delivery.

    Oooh! Can I blame the Obama Administration for making me a dependent victim, because I have not learned how to turn on the TV?

  4. Where did you find that picture?! Now I'm obsessed with having a toilet fish tank.

  5. I blame Obama for my headache--it's caused by the last four years of gridlock in Congress and that's totally his fault, right?

  6. You know I've got the traveling husband thing too, and the wonky things always happen when he's gone. Let me know when a cat ruins your TV by puking INTO it.

    As for toilets, this week there was a tiny kink in the chain of a toilet mechanism, which caused it to continue to run water right through the toilet into the super fancy beyond-septic system we have to have by law, which flooded the system, which set off the alarm, but I didn't know at the time it was the kink in the chain's fault, so that's a $75 service call. (It's the boys' bathroom and I try not to go in there unless I have to. When I discovered the running toilet, I shut off the water. When I think of all the water...oy.)

    1. Thanks for reminding me of why I don't want a cat.

  7. In paragraph three, I thought: this is so Obama's fault. You confirmed this in paragraph four. Thank you.

  8. Kind of sounds like our problem with our garage door openers--inconvenient and SO annoying.

  9. Every time my husband goes out of town, we have some sort of plumbing crisis, including a backed-up sewer and a cracked toilet, so I don't let him travel anymore. :-)

  10. Teenaged son's job is plunging toilets, sweeping floors, cleaning cat boxes and mopping floors. He was dumb enough to not go straight to college and lives at home. We need to make sure he is not too comfortable. ;)

  11. All 6 of us are trained to use a plunger. Well, the youngest one is still a little weak, but give him time...

  12. We had no sink in one of our bathrooms for over a year. It was a huge PIA. Good luck with your toilet. Can I blame Obama for the fact that I can't get the fingerprints off my stainless steel fridge? If I weren't such a dependent victim, I would probably rub harder.

  13. Nothing ruins my day like a malfunctioning toilet. But the goldfish made me giggle.

  14. well... using the toilet in bathroom A and washing hands in bathroom B is all fine.

    IF you don't touch anything enroute from A to B:)))



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