Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Mafioso Christmas

Turns out that hat knitting really takes away from blogging time. No matter, I've got - wait, only 4 hats done? What? No, I knit 6 hats, but one is for David and Susie took a liking to another one, so actually I guess I'm sitting up all night tonight and knitting a 5th hat.

Dang. I swear, I thought I had more than that.

Oh, well, who's counting, anyway, right? At least, we got the tree up yesterday and the lights put on.

Tree skirt by Auntie Kate, of the mad quilting skills

See that Santa thing to the left? One of my older kids painted that years ago - you pull on the string hanging down between his legs (I know, WEIRD) and his arms and legs fly up. It's really stupid and I will never get rid of it, because it reminds me of simpler times, when all my kids did for fun was paint silly wooden things from Michaels and no one had cellphones and streaming didn't exist.

It's a gosh darn ARTIFACT, people, that's what it is.

Anyway, my family was supposed to decorate the tree today, but no one did and I'm too busy trying to produce woolly Christmas presents to worry about it. So the only 2 ornaments on the tree are the two I put on there:

Beautifully hand painted by one of my amazingly talented friends,
but you can't tell because I am a lousy photographer

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a yarn ornament

I'm good with that. Slap a star on the top and I say we're done. I would talk at you more, but I have to make pompoms. I decided to put them on half the hats, so people have a choice. Rachel is actually the pompom savant around here, so I'm hoping to...uh...persuade her to help me out here. "Those are some nice-looking Christmas presents you got there under the tree. I'd hate to see anything happen to them" sort of persuasion, I mean...


  1. I love your tree skirt. Did you make it?

    1. Auntie Kate. Hmmm, do the captions not show up on the mobile version of this blog, I wonder?

  2. Minimalist tres. Sounds relaxing. So you went pro pompom then? The teenagers i have been seeing lately have had poms too.

    1. 2 out of 5 got pompoms. Reasonable compromise, I thought...

  3. You've got lights and 2 ornaments - I'd call it done. Mom's do 99% of Christmas, if others don't help carry the burden, somethings got to give - especially seeing as you still have some more hats to make.

  4. Yarnament? Yornament?

    Does yournament mean a knitting competition?

  5. Your tree has 2 more ornaments than my tree. I'm still waiting for the offspring to take on the job (didn't happen last year, either). Minimalism has its charms.

  6. My tree sat here for like 3 days without being decorated. WTH kids get with it!

  7. OK, so I'm too tired to keep organizing the stuff that we moved out of the study closet and all of our end tables when we had the floors done -even though I am hosting on Saturday. Would much rather sit and read the posts (in reverse) that I've missed recently.

    I mandated the Christmas tree decorating as part of Curly's birthday festivities. Forcing fun. Damn it. Plus I am obsessed with checking things off of my list. Smarty pants Laddie arrived home from college and scolded me for complaining that the kitchen reno (that is FINALLY wrapping up) is taking so much of my time just before Christmas. He was like, 'Well - you shouldn't have done this right before Christmas. ' Last time I checked June was NOT right before Christmas. Oh, the teenagers had final exams so they didn't hang their ornaments on the tree. Those are still looking fetching on the coffee table.