Friday, December 29, 2017

Are We Done With 2017 Yet?

Larry and I had a scintillating discussion this morning about the relative merits of various bathroom vanity heights. That's right, folks, there's still one more bathroom to be redone! We'd hoped to put it off for a while, but we're tired of watching water drip through the living room ceiling when the kids take showers. What can I say? We've gotten used to the finer things in life, like not sharing one shower among 6 people. I feel like Eva Gabor in Green Acres: "Dahling, you can't possibly expect me to share my soap dish!"

Actually, I don't think she ever said that. But if she were living here with 3 or 4 kids, she might.

I've recovered from Christmas, you'll be glad to hear. I've spent this week planning my New Year's resolutions - so far I have two: watch more TV and spend more time knitting.

I have a feeling I'm gonna knock this out of the park, so to speak.

I've also been trying to plan the annual New Year's Day party. I dragged Larry out to Costco AND Aldi's last night - you know, Costco is wonderfully empty on Thursday evenings. At least, it's wonderfully empty on Thursday evenings when it is only 20 degrees out. We managed to pick up everything we'd need for the party, except of course for the 5 or 6 items I'll realize we are missing about, oh, 3 hours before the festivities begin.

So long as Larry doesn't start buying those vomit cheese balls again, we should be fine. FINE.

Today I went to a friend's house, who showed me the finer details of making a wreath out of large ribbons. I had seen her creations on Facebook and begged for her help, because - deep down - I've always had a hankering to be a decorative wreath sort of person.

We all have our dreams.

Let me just say here, though, it's way harder than it looks. And it takes WAY MORE ribbon than you'd think. The upshot being, I have a wreath that is about 2/3 finished. Anyone want to take bets on whether it will be finished before next Christmas?

In other news, it's been cold here. Oh, look, I took a picture!

16 degrees! And that's not even Celsius...

No snow, though. Susie is very angry with the weather gods. "What's the point of cold without snow?" she asks. I'm okay with it, because at least all the mosquitoes are dead. Or dormant. Whatever. Wintertime for me is the season I can relax in my anti-bug vigilance for a bit, as the sugar ants and even the centipedes disappear for a while.

My goal this week was to finish knitting all my UFO's (unfinished objects), but that turned out to be a little too ambitious. I did finish a gorgeous Crazy Cowl that's been languishing here for a while (no picture because it's someone's gift, sshhhh), and David's hat, and a cute buttoned tea towel that now hangs on the kitchen drawer handle and not on the floor, which is where all my dish towels of the non-buttoned variety end up.

See? It defies gravity.

So, in general, this week feels like a win. I'll take it.


  1. You've been busy! Believe it or not, we've had some matching temperatures but now it's raining on our snow.

  2. I think the same thing about the cold. At least there are no mosquitoes! I think your new year's resolutions are very worthy! Happy new year!

  3. Love the resolutions! Coach would be all about that button towel. He was just moaning about our kitchen towels always being on the floor last night!

  4. It is utterly freezing here and I'm sick of it. This week, I haven't been productive in the least. I feel a *tiny* bit ashamed about it, if the truth be told.

    What a beautiful wreath - it looks complicated. Crossing my fingers that you finish by next Christmas!

  5. We have a new years party at the club house we are going to but I'd kind of like to just stay home and work on my projects.

  6. Japan is New Year 's Eve today.
    Last year was a great year for you, and I know you’ll have an even better one this year.

  7. God bless you for attempting that ribbon wreath. Such a project would leave my crying

    Yes, it's danged cold. My mother was moaning about being cold (even though she can turn the heat in her apartment up to 80+ if she wants). She said, "It's so cold, and it's not even winter yet." So I was glad to bring her the news that we're already officially a full 10 days into winter. Only 1,116 days of winter left - that's assuming the White Witch is no longer ruling Narnia by then.

    1. Okay, I'm really puzzled by your math. I counted and I only got 80 more days of winter. Do you know something I don't?