Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer Burnout

You know, after a summer spent incarcerated with 4 children and one angry teenager (the other, non-angry, teenager having been smart enough to get himself the heck out of here for the summer), I'm beginning to think that the joys of family togetherness are vastly overrated. June was fun (even with moving and all), but since then we've had approximately 60 days of temps in the 90's, humidity ditto; we've done 6 (count them, 6) jigsaw puzzles, eaten around 16 gazillion popsicles, celebrated about 15 "special" lemonade days, went to the pool so much that even the kids begged not to go again, and got absolutely nowhere on renovating/painting/cleaning up this house. In other words, we're in a rut. I think I'll go tell Larry that we need to take a cross-country trip, just to liven things up. He looks like he needs a vacation, anyway. And I've developed a strange hankering to see the Great Lakes.

I'd would like to point out (with a certain sense of pride) that I have not written about vomit for over a week. If I were just a bit more computer-savvy, I'd figure out how to put one of those widgets(?) on the side of my blog that would proclaim "This blog puke-free for (fill in the blank) days." Of course, I would have reset the counter to zero with this paragraph, I suppose.


  1. Yeah - I hate summer. We also moved during the summer, but two years ago. There are still boxes we haven't unpacked, because it was too hot when we first moved, and then you just forget about them when it's not. Oh well.

  2. I really wish you hadn't told me that. Is there no hope, then?

  3. You so have my kind of humor. I swear that wasn't meant to be an insult!

    Lemonade days? Mmm, fun!

  4. Yeah, but you didn't mention any potty-related subjects, either. I think you could just have the counter be sort of a, "Didn't talk about at least one of these subjects for ____ days."

    PS: Not to rub it in but my kids went back to school this week. Yessss.

  5. I'll keep my eye out for that widget on your blog...then I'll steal it (although mine would probably have to say something about poo...). :)