Monday, December 08, 2008

Miscellaneous Miscellany

I took yesterday off, because things were stupidly crazy around here; but you know what? I would rather have been blogging.

I know - it's sad.

After 17 years of keeping house, I'm particular about the tools I use. So, no more pushing that ugly, stringy, industrial-sized behemoth of a mop around the bookstore floors. I'm fast and efficient with the cute little sponge mop I brought in to work with me yesterday. The supervisor was only a bit taken aback by my supplying my own cleaning equipment. Wait 'til he meets my Swiffer...

Bunko tonight - I lost, but I ate lots of food to make up for it.

Hello? Whoever decided that high school seniors should be working on college applications precisely when their mothers are engulfed by the holiday rush? You are a very evil person. This unfortunate confluence of events may push me right off the knife-edge of sanity where I currently reside.

Blogger won't let me load photos tonight. Blogger hates me.

Rachel had something Susie wanted, so Susie said, "Rachel, give it to me!" And Rachel said, "No!" and Susie said, "You have to!" And Rachel said, "Why?" And Susie said, "Cause if you don't, I'll be crying..."

That girl has our number, methinks.

Maybe I'll go to bed before midnight tonight, just for a change. See y'all in the morning!


  1. I would so bring my own cleaning supplies. Classic!

  2. oh, susie and my first grader might be the same person.

  3. Cleaning supplies are so personal - of course you have your favorites!

    Susie makes me a little bit relieved to not have a girl in my house.

  4. Taking your own cleaning supplies to work? You are such a mom!

  5. I, too, have brought my own cleaning supplies. Some people just have no clue of how much easier the whole disgusting process can be by using the right tools. I volunteered once for a college that only offered those thin, non absorbent, tri-fold paper towels in the GOURMET CATERING KITCHEN! No way was I dealing with those...we've got a kitchen to run. It didn't matter that I was only volunteering, I went out an bought my own paper towels the next time.

  6. "Stupidly crazy"...yup, that describes things over here, too.

    And I think you deserve a Christmas bonus for BYOM (bringing your own mop).

  7. yesterday I was working evening. I was exhausted because I've been busy throwing up the whole week end, and man it's a sport!
    So I was there exhausted, and I found an magazine from November. Newsweek. The title was "44." :)
    All in a sudden I felt better. :)
    Looks like you need you little ray of sunshine too...

  8. Knife-edge of sanity - your new tagline.

  9. That's so funny that you're bringing your own swiffer. You're a smart lady.
    I will laugh when you start handing Susie kleenex next time she doesn't get her way.

  10. I find that getting out the video camera pretty much ends any and all crying jags in this house. It's actually pretty funny when they perk right up and ask, "Can I see?!"

    I guess it helps to have NO FRIENDS -- my Christmas chaos is pretty much under control. That, and I stopped after 2 kids. ;) I think it also helps that I moved away from home and the cousins are pretty much grown. You'd miss the chaos, wouldn't you?

  11. We have the cotton string mop and industrial mop pail with ringer. Hubby swore that he would mop the floors every week if I let him buy it. He hasn't mopped a floor in a few years... My boys think it is great fun to play with water and scrub brushes. I let them scrub the floors then dry it up with the mop. It works for me. :)

  12. I'm pretty sure there is a susie living in my house, too!

    Will you come mop my floors??

  13. OOOO! This one hit a nerve! I don't have the advent wreath or the window candles out. We might not have a tree. My sister is coming, but the only shopping I have done so far is for myself! Why? I'm the only one who believes in Christmas, in the Christ part of Christmas. So why should I invest all this time and energy for people who don't believe in God or Christ or the meaning of Christmas and only complain about all the holiday requires, when they do very little of the work.(I include my husband and sister in this list too!) They bitch like crazy all season long, and the only thing I ask from them is that they attend church with me on Christmas Eve. Interestingly, given their antipathy to religion in general and Christmas in particular, they have never refused to open any gift offered under the tree, and have never yet missed opening presents Christmas morning. Not that I'm bitter or anything.