Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Boy Scouts Vow To Honor Mother's Day

There are tiny ants with wings all around my computer desk.  I am not happy.  And where is my bug boyfriend when I need him, anyway?  Larry, of course, doesn't care at all.  He sees me swatting desperately at these horrid creatures with last Sunday's church bulletin, yet he just ignores my distress and falls asleep on the couch. 

I'm telling you, chivalry is dead around here.  Marriage will do that.

We promise never to forget Mother's Day again.
Well! I had a post all ready to go, describing how my Mother's Day was being supplanted by the Boy Scout biking trip; but Larry came home from the meeting this evening and told me that he and the other dads had decided to move the trip to the following weekend. It turns out I wasn't the only troop mother complaining about her special day being usurped. 

And the best part?  Thinking I would have to celebrate a week early (or, as Larry called it, the Greek Orthodox Mother's Day), I had already bought a non-returnable ticket to LTYM for this Sunday.  Guess I'll have to go anyway...

Now if I could just get rid of these ants, my life would be complete.

[Boy Scouts image: PochoBlog]


  1. Lucky you, going to LTYM!
    Thank you for posting the link, I didn't know until going there tonight that the show will be coming to my city!! Off to see about that now...

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Aw, how sweet of those Scouts!

  3. I spent last Mother's Day camping out with my boys, and they're not even Scouts. Let's just say that waking up to a toddler sleeping on my face isn't exactly my idea of the perfect Mother's Day. I'm glad your Boy Scouts have vowed to honor your special day.

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Those are not ants. They are termites which swarm this time of year looking to start new colonies. If they are in your house in large quantities, that probably means they are IN your house, as in inside the walls eating away at the joists and studs. CALL PEST CONTROL IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Well, being duly alarmed by this comment, I looked up images of termites on the Internet. That was extremely disgusting. Then I called the pest people, who informed me that, if there were segmented body parts, it was an ant; otherwise, it's a termite. So then I got to peer REALLY CLOSELY at one of the ones I had smushed in order to determine whether or not it was segmented. It was.

    Now I am going to go throw up.

  6. If you had a laptop, you could be on the computer someplace without ants with wings. Just saying. One of the reasons I campaigned for my own laptop--although to be fair, our desktop was a dinosaur, it was so old--is because at the time I found the "office" so completely unbearable I was avoiding it, but the computer was in there! (That particular room tends towards chaos no matter what I do or try to combat it; I think we need to blast it off the house entirely.) Now I can set up on the dining room table, which is cluttered, but not chaotic. Well worth the money.

  7. Greek Orthodox Mother's Day? Ha Ha.

  8. Mother's Day weekend my husband will be gone--it will all be up to the kids.

  9. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    According to my husband, the former biology teacher and replacer of several studs and all the wallboard when we had "winged ants," there are no such things as winged ants. They are swarming termites. When we found them in our house my husband removed the wallboard and found them munching away on the studs. Also, all insects have segmented body parts - head, thorax and abdomen. If you saw separate body parts, you saw an insect, and it was almost certainly a termite. Make the pest control people come to you so they can see for themselves. Someone was being lazy! Not to be alarmist or anything. But you do want your house to remain standing while you're living in it.