Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Want A New Drug

Not a cure-all, apparently
My children are busy trying to push me over the edge with their various summer ailments. I've been up 2 nights in a row with a suffering Susie, who's been running high fevers and complaining of earache and headache and sore throat. Aside from overdosing her with antibiotic ear drops for her swimmer's ear and Advil for her aches and pains, I hadn't done much. Until this morning, when -- having spent several hours last night listening to her cry and expecting her eardrum to burst any moment (all while thinking But it's only swimmer's ear, dammit, what the heck is going on here?) -- I dragged myself out of bed, showered, dressed, and made an appointment at our doctor's office.

Grabbing my purse, I said, "Susie! Let's go! We're seeing the doctor in half an hour!"

 "What about me?" asked Brian, who was sitting at the dining room table and reading the comics.

 "What ABOUT you?" I asked back, rushing around looking for my phone and my sunglasses.

 "Don't I get to go to the doctor, too?" he asked.

 "Why? You're not sick," I said.

Maybe I should have noticed these.

Folks, the look that registered on that poor kid's face all but screamed I guess I really am on my own here.

"I've been using David's old CRUTCHES for 5 DAYS," he said.

 "Oh, oh that," I said, my sleep-deprived brain registering that I might have just dropped the ball in a major sort of way. "Um, tomorrow - I'm taking you tomorrow.  We, uh, need to make sure the swelling is down before the x-ray is taken.  Yeah, that's it - the swelling."

"Oh, okay, then," said Brian, turning back to the paper.

Kids!  They're so trusting.  But they shouldn't be.

Just felt like a little music here...


  1. Eardrum bulging, doctor said, plus the swimmer's ear. So she's on Amoxicillin now; I'm hoping that gives us a more peaceful night. Not too optimistic, though - it's 8 PM and her fever is spiking again.

  2. Poor baby :( .
    It's so hard to see your kids suffer.

  3. Ear pain is so awful because up there in your head is where you live. Poor girl. Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

  4. That's why I loved having a family practice doctor who didn't mind me bringing in several kids at once (usually they were just taking turns with ear infections: one getting a post-infection check and the other coming along to get fresh antibiotics for a new infection... we had an entire winter like that). But when they get to be the ages of your kids, you HOPE that it slows down! So frustrating for you AND for them.

    Give yourself a break. Just not Literally!!

    (Have you given Susie any Sudafed or other decongestant? That often helps relieve some of that pressure, along with a warm, moist compress.... not very comfortable in summer, I know!)

  5. Sounds familiar - I had my youngest to the doctor today too ... finally. She's been sick since last weekend with vague symptoms - headache that comes and goes, sore neck glands, occasional shivers but every time I took her temperature it was fine. She had 2 days off school and then I was all "you'll be fine, off you go" (typical nurse!) as I was busy at work and she lasted the day ok, but then felt worse the next day, had to go and pick her up from school. I still didn't get her to the doctor's until today - she has tonsillitis and sinus infection (hey in my defence, I had previously checked her throat and it was only slightly red and not that sore she said). Anyway now she's on antibiotics.
    We also have my husband on crutches as he had an operation on his foot (involving plating of bones) 4 weeks ago, I had been more worried about his foot not looking great, HAD taken him to his surgeon yesterday and yes, it's infected and so he is also on antibiotics. He's been the one keeping me awake with his tossing and turning, maybe now he will take the doctor's advice more seriously to keep his foot up and rest!

  6. I sympathize and empathize and all the thizes I can't think of. I'm sleep-deprived too. Here's to more sleep and healthy kids for both of us, soon.

  7. I hope everybody feels better soon. It always seems especially unfair for kids to be sick in the summer.

  8. My oldest always has ear problems. She's 19 and still getting ear infections and had 2 sets of tubes and an ear drum patch. Guess it's just going to be a way of life for her.

  9. LOL!!! I think advil is the closest we'll ever get to a cure all drug. That stuff (and its stronger, kidney-killing kin Toradol) is magical. I'm convinced advil saved my life when I had a cardiac inflammation and no doctor would listen to me.