Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not Dead Yet

Oh, hey, hi! Man, it's dusty around here.  Let me just move some of this old clutter around and limber up my mouse fingers a bit...

Ah, there we are. Whew! A whole week - where have I been? Knitting, mostly. Watching Star Wars trailers. Being bumped off the computer by Larry, who went into full spreadsheet mode while trying to decide on a new computer monitor for our desktop...

Our new family member
Oh, yes, he did. Our monitor was 9 years old, which is approximately Stone Age in computer years, and it was a weird square shape with not-so-great resolution, so - instead of walking into Best Buy and picking up the newest and shiniest one that was on sale, the way I would have - he spent untold hours and pixels researching, cataloguing, comparing and contrasting, and discussing (with David, not me, thank you Lord) the merits and drawbacks of the various models. He kept trying to draw me into this decision-making vortex, but - as I had no real opinions other than "big" and "no fuzz on the picture" - he was not successful.

Yes, David is home. As an apparent money-saving method at school, he didn't get his hair cut over the past 4 months - no biggie, for a regular guy, but David had sported a buzz cut since at least the age of 12, when he joined the Civil Air Patrol. So the poor guy walked in the door with Larry on Thursday night and was greeted by the bunch of us staring open-mouthed at the mop on the top of his head. I mean, we just couldn't get past it. We were all sitting in the living room, talking, and at regular intervals one of us would say, "Man, it's just so weird!"

We don't get out much, I guess.

[Monitor image:]


  1. I remember when Man-Child was a freshman in college and decided to grow his beard out - in defiance from the years of the "clean shaven" rule in high school. He looked like a crazy mountain man.

    At least he wasn't sporting a "man bun"

  2. Oh, I know that feeling of seeing a shaggy-haired college son. Some have been worse than others... after the Barefooter's first semester at college, he looked like a homeless person, with shaggy hair and beard, and of course he was barefoot.
    H-J's birthday was 2 weeks ago, so I'm hopeful that he has used the Wahl trimmer that we sent to him (go, Amazon prime!) for his birthday gift. I'll find out when he finally gets here around midnight tonight.
    Only our youngest son still has Dad cut his hair; the other boys all cut their own (or in the case of the oldest one, his wife took over the job).

  3. Just to let you know, book arrived today. Thanks. I'll get into it tonight, probably.

  4. I'm glad your husband has a son to get his geek on with--I would hate that conversation, too.