Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Joy To All

Gifford's ice cream in the evenings, too...
Having not learned our lesson from earlier this month, Larry and I are embarking on our main camping vacation of the summer, up to Acadia National Park in Maine. Considering that it has been over 90 degrees here forever and that tells me Bar Harbor has been topping out near 75 degrees every day, I'm willing to risk it. Besides, we are familiar with this campground, the one of the excellent bathrooms and the morning pastries.

Of course, I have no idea how we will manage to pack up the car and load the bicycles and all that, as the heat wave here shows no sign of letting up before we leave. I'm thinking it will be somewhat akin to a space walk, where Larry goes out there in a climate-controlled suit and tied to a rope, so we can pull him in should the 100-degree temperatures and overwhelming humidity render him disoriented and unable to function.

I went to Panda Express with Susie today (because she thinks it is the BEST PLACE EVER, and haven't I raised kids with refined tastes?) and my fortune cookie said Your sense of humor is a joy to all. I made sure to show that to Larry, because he doesn't appreciate me enough.

Apple cider vinegar and rotting grapes - yum!
I appreciate him, however. We had the fruit fly invasion to end all fruit fly invasions this past week. Despite Susie's diligent efforts with the fly swatter (we pay her a quarter per bug and she's earned upwards of 6 dollars so far) and our handy-dandy homemade fruit fly traps, we weren't making much headway until Larry nobly cleaned out one of our cabinets, wherein resided a bag of potatoes that were apparently spontaneously generating these little pests. This beat my approach, which would have involved a flamethrower or two.

And that's all, folks! Larry and I need to start arguing over what has to go in the camper this year.  I'm thinking rain ponchos might be a good idea, for starters...


  1. Do what my husband did when we packed out of NoVA in 105 degree weather five years ago: take a t-shirt, put a bunch of ice cubs on it, roll it up, rubberband the ends and wear it as a scarf around his neck. (Guys can do this without wearing a shirt otherwise.) That, and a large box fan blowing his direction as he loads the trailer ought to keep him away from the ER.

    I know you love that campground, so go have fun with ice cream, doughnuts, and cooler temps!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time on your camping trip. It's been hot up here in MA and NH, but being on the coast will help with the heat, if not the humidity.

  3. Enjoy the GOOD campground! It's gotta be cooler on the border, right? And my boys agree with Susie, they LOVE Panda Express.
    At first I thought you covered the wineglasses so you could drink without bugs in your wine--haha! Glad you got to the root of that problem though...

  4. We once could NOT find the source of a fruit fly infestation. Finally, we discovered a loaf of rye bread that had fallen behind the microwave.

    Have fun in Maine!

  5. Well, your sense of humor is a joy to me.

    I hope you enjoy your camping trip. It's a rare and good thing for a campground to have great bathrooms AND be near morning pastries AND afternoon ice cream.

  6. What is the campground name? My mom's cousin's daughter lives near Bar Harbor and went to Mt Desert Narrows Camping Resort this weekend. We had hoped to get up that way this summer, but maybe next year to begin our trip? Dang broken leg and subsequent stroke...

    1. Mt. Desert Campground - very nice, with superb bathrooms and platforms for the tents!

  7. Well looks like you got a spammer, or someone who really wanted to give you some camping advice! I did the iroman St.George one year, and by the time I finished the bike and started the run it was 94 degrees. First week of May. Anyway, at every aid station I filled my sports bra with ice cubes. You could hear the clink clink of me coming down the street for the full 13.1 miles but it kept me alive.