Friday, March 22, 2019

I'm Terrible At Craig's List

YES, I'm still here. Just...well...still adjusting, is all. My house is still falling apart around the edges, since it appears that vacuuming/Swiffering once a week, along with wiping down the bathrooms once a day, is not quite enough to keep things, well, quite where they're supposed to be. My only goal for cleanliness levels in my home at this point is "not disgusting."

Which lowers the bar from my previous goal of "not embarrassing." I know, I am an inspiration to us all.

I have, however, gotten better at ignoring the mess while I work from home. Progress? I guess so. But I have to admit I felt a twinge when a friend informed me that she is planning to move (locally, thank goodness) soon. They're downsizing, so she's getting rid of things, and their new kitchen looks all sleek and modern, and there's no yard to care for, and I thought, "That's the solution - we'll just move! Fresh start!"

Larry didn't go for that idea. As discussed in these pages previously, that man is not a visionary.

Here, have some tulips

My desk search for my home office dragged on and on, until I inexplicably ended up with just the Craig's List meth-house desk I had been trying to avoid. I don't really understand it, but there it is, in my yarn studio, looking ugly, in the middle of all that pretty, pretty yarn I have no time to play with now. I think I had consented to it because it was cheap and I figured that that way Larry would stop sending me links to ugly desks on Craig's List. Good plan, right?

No. He still sends me those links, because it's a habit now, and I work at the dining room table, because the desk just isn't right (not just the looks, something about the keyboard tray being a part of the desk and not sliding out and that changes the ergonomics, and also, yeah, it's ugly).

But then the friend who is moving into the nice, sleekly modern house with big windows (and, really, I'm jealous at this point, okay?) mentioned she was getting rid of a desk and did I want it and I said, "YES!" because she's not the type of person to buy a cheap, ugly meth-house desk ever.

I'm just going to keep repeating the phrase "meth-house desk" - I like it. I should get some lovely Internet search traffic from it, too.

So now there is a disassembled metal-and-glass, not ugly, desk in my van, which I couldn't get into the house yesterday because it was raining insanely hard ALL DAY and I live in a townhouse that is miles from the parking lot. Or, it seems like miles when it's pouring out, anyway. Also, it has been raining here since approximately last June, and could it stop now, please?

I want to write more, and also figure out the winner of the Yarn Harlot book, but I'm already half an hour late to work, and this really explains why I haven't been able to talk at you people for the past month. So, I'll be back, but in the meantime, if you want to be in the running for a copy of "Knitting Rules," go back and comment on the previous post and let me know!


  1. Thank you for the tulips. And it's all okay. I'm still here. You do what you gotta do and we will rejoice when we can all get together in this space.

    In my opinion there is likely no desk that is beautiful, except a totally impractical one, like one that is a roll-top desk and has a lot of cubbyholes that are too small to hold anything. Or a desk made out of the wood from a famous ship. Would you be able in good conscience to store your yarn in The Resolute Desk?

  2. The first thing to go is the house... ;-) As I can totally attest. And it's okay.

    The tulips are gorgeous! Congrats on the desk score. And yes, we'll still be here. I totally understand the juggling that working outside the home, household chores, family time, you time, blogging, etc. requires.

  3. Nice to see you are still alive!! best of luck with everything.

  4. So good to hear from you. Good laughs here, as always. Meth-house desk is a great new catch phrase. We drove to Florida for part of spring break. I like to leave my house nice and clean. This time I had to settle for get-to-it-when-I-get-back. Also known as disastrous. Or maybe I just won't go back. There is sun and warmth and sand here.

  5. Tulips for the win! I love tulips and even when everything else is less than I would like, a big bouquet of tulips makes me feel like I have it all together. I'm glad things are going well with work! And it feels like we've also had the wettest fall and winter ever around here. We've had some sun this week and it has been such a great morale booster!!

  6. LOL that's about the level of my house keeping now. Not disgusting. But I'm failing that in a few spots. It's been raining here forever too. STOP RAINING. We had one beautiful day last weekend and everyone was wearing shorts and flip flops. Apparently those are readily available when you live in CA lol.

  7. Meth-house desk is everything awesome about your writing.
    Those tulips are divine.
    Sometimes the idea of cashing it all in and moving, taking nothing more than a duffel bag, really appeals to me, too.

  8. I keep dreaming about downsizing, but then I remember the kids still live here.

  9. "Meth-house-desk" is pretty funny.

    The bar was lowered long ago in our house to "not disgusting" and lately that bar is still too high. On the upside I'm about to publish a new novel with another on its heels soon. I'd rather write than clean, and it shows.

  10. It takes me 2 minutes and 30 seconds to microwave oatmeal, and I dedicate that time to cleaning whatever has been left in the sink.

    Not disgusting is a high enough bar . . . as long as everyone has been vaccinated.

  11. Meth-house desk! Meth-house desk!

    I'm going to be saying this all weekend. Also? You deserve a desk that isn't covered in drug residue. You're worth it!

  12. Could you, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top, send me pictures of the meth-house desk? Because I'm a little afraid that it looks like ours (our desk, not our meth-house) and I need some reassurance.