Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Nothing Is Normal And Karma Doesn't Work

It's been 4 1/2 months of hunkering down around here, and I've prided myself on how well I've handled it. I've gone running almost every morning (I know! Just a mile, but still...), I've taken my yoga class on Zoom twice a week, we've been cooking up a storm and eating healthy. I mean, if anyone needs tips on how to live the pandemic lifestyle, just send them here, right?

Chicken shawarma - yes, I AM awesome

I think that all ended today. When I woke up, it was raining, so I skipped running. Anna needed the basement family room for a work call, so I skipped yoga. Went to Costco, bought all sorts of chips: potato, pretzel, pita - you name it, we have a huge bag of it in the house now. Sampled some when we got home. Took a nap. I mean, why not? Life's gone to heck in a hand basket, and all that exercise lost me nary a pound anyway.

And then there were these:

Oopsie, that bag seems to be open...

Way back in April, I realized that -- 2020 being what it was -- we wouldn't be able to do our traditional Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood's courtyard. BUT, I thought, when this is all over, we can make up for it.

So, yeah, I went to CVS the day after Easter and picked up several bags of Easter candy at half price. It might take a few months, but someday we'd once more see all the neighborhood kids running happily through the grass, looking for chocolate.

It was a nice idea that kept me somewhat sane, all right? I mean, we're all doing what we can here to survive. So I put the chocolate away and thought, July. We'll do this in July

But July came and went and nothing happened, because 2020 is awful and no one is allowed to have any fun and life as we knew it has ceased to exist. The candy sat in my pantry.

So today was the day that I just dug in (after my nap) and started eating these. Or, to put it another way, today was the day I lost all hope that anything would be anywhere close to normal anytime soon. I like to think that this is healthy, this facing of facts. Also, it's delicious. Sorry, kids!

Speaking of CVS (I mean, we were, sort of, right?), Anna came home the other day and said, "Some old guy was yelling at the cashier in the new CVS because there wasn't a sign on the old store telling him where the new store was. So I told him he couldn't talk to people that way."

Anna spent years waitressing and bartending. She sticks up for anyone working a service job.

"Did he stop?" I asked, alarmed and proud at the same time.

"He turned on me and yelled, 'Who do you think you are?!?' and stomped out of the store," she said.

End of story. Only, it wasn't, not really. Later that day, Larry took me on our after-dinner forced march. It's usually still hot out in the evenings, and it's humid as heck, but we go anyway, because otherwise I'll just sit around doing something non-productive, like eating other people's Easter candy. "I did a good deed today," Larry announced as we walked. "I was leaving the dry cleaner's and I saw an old guy peering into the windows of the old CVS and looking confused, so I told him it had moved a few doors down to the corner."

I stopped and looked at him. "An old guy?" I asked.

"Yes!" Larry said. "He was really grumpy and said, 'Well, why don't they put a sign up or something?!?' and then he stomped off to the new store. But it still feels good to have helped someone." 

Or, rather, it feels good until your wife tells you that the person you helped? Turned right around and yelled at your daughter...


  1. Oh, good grief, the awful attitudes and lack of masks is going to cause death and pain and disease... Oh, wait, it already has. (Did you see the lady with a cane thrown to the floor in a Staples because she dared to point out to another customer that there's a rule to wear a mask? I'm beginning to think we should all walk around with tasers that only work if you are wearing your mask properly.
    Please pass the chocolate.

  2. It’s ok to have do nothing days. Or weeks. Or...

  3. Oh my gosh, I now imagine you living in a super small town with a tiny little downtown area like Mulberry or something where everyone knows everyone - well, except a grumpy guy who encounters multiple people from your family. Love it!

    I have worked out between 2 and 3 hours EVERY day of the pandemic (minus a few recently when life was oddly busy, and we were driving in a car for 8 hours or something) and I lost NOTHING. I did combo weights, 10 mile bike rides, and 4.5 mile walks. EVERY.DAY. Plus I only had ice cream like 2 or 3 times. What gives?

    No joke, I was on my way upstairs for a quick nap and I saw you had posted - so I thought I can stay awake long enough to read that . . . thanks for the chuckle, NOW I am off for my nap. Totally essential these days.

    1. Thanks, I feel so much better! I swear, I"ve never exercised this much IN MY LIFE, plus eating healthy, and it seems to make no difference whatsoever.

      Definitely not Mulberry, which makes it even weirder that they both ran into the same grumpy guy!

    2. Not Mulberry? Mayberry?

    3. You're going to be held back for summer school - Remedial Reruns.

    4. MAYBERRY. I never really watched that show. I majored in Rob and Laura Petrie.

  4. That chicken looks awesome!! Actually, the whole meal does. I'm hungry.

  5. That meal (and the candy) look delicious! And your dishes are so pretty! I have yet to succumb to buying goodies to keep on hand and I'm trying hard to keep it that way (although I will admit to having a VERY strong craving for either a Nutty Buddy ice cream cone or an ice cream sandwich - and it's weird because ice cream usually isn't my go to junk food) but, to be honest, I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

    Way to go Anna for sticking up for the cashier. I'm sorry grumpy yelled at her though. People's behavior has been on the decline for some time now but since this whole pandemic, it's gotten so much worse.

  6. Mmmm...chicken shwarma...it looks so delicious.

    Good for both your husband and your daughter. Even if it didn't turn out quite as Larry might have thought, your daughter was awesome in standing up to the grumpy old man.

    Take care and stay well!

  7. Your cooking looks amazing!
    And yes, eat the candy.
    Poor Anna. That stinks how people treat workers.
    Hugs to you while you keep hunkering down.