Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She Works Hard For The Money...

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled subjects. It's raining today, and...


Oh, that! That ad-looking type thing over to there to the left? That Blogher ad, in fact? Do you think it sticks out too much? I wasn't too sure what to do about the code, and then I...


Oh. Oh, yes, I guess I did make fun of all the Blogher convention fuss last year, didn't I? Well...heh, heh...what are a few jokes among friends, right?

Excuse me?

No, I'm not a hypocrite; let's not be self-righteous prigs with the name-calling here, all right? It's a simple business relationship - Blogher puts its ads in my sidebar; people visit; I get paid money. You don't even have to click on the ad, and I still get paid! Isn't America great?

How much money? Well, I hate to boast here, but I might even be able to pull down close to 30 dollars a month. Yup - that works out to approximately a dollar a day - what a great way to make money! Tell all your friends!

Larry was quick to point out that I can make way more at my part-time job, which is true. But my part-time job doesn't let me post pictures of my refrigerator on the company website. And no one there wants to hear me complain about bra-shopping, either...

Where were we before y'all interrupted me, anyway? Oh, yes, it's raining yet again and I'm neglecting the house-crazy children in order to pursue my new career as an armchair revolutionary. I'm obsessed with the Twitpics coming out of Iran; my Twitter profile is shaded green; and I've switched my time/location stamp to Tehran (supposedly that makes it harder for the protest Twitterers to be found, but I sure can't figure out why).

We are all Tehranis? Iranis? This protest still needs a good slogan (although "Where's My Vote?" isn't bad...)

When I'm not busy reTweeting messages from purported protesters, I'm checking out which ads that Blogher sees fit to post here. So far, it's been all about Wii and grocery shopping. That's way better than when I tried Google Ads (a long time ago) - they kept putting up ads for puppy obedience training. I don't even have a puppy. Apparently, someone at Blogher ads (unlike Google Adsense) actually reads my blog. Poor dear...

Then again, she's probably making more than a dollar a day.


  1. I have had many Iranian friends and they always call themselves Persians. I talked to a Egyptian guy I know last night and he thinks this will all blow over in a few days. Which is too bad--it would be wonderful to see people bring democracy to their own country.

  2. Your Wii ad is shaming me.....

  3. LMAO!! I can not believe you are twittering with the folks in Iran!! Oh my heavens!!! I might have to twitter now!! So funny!!

    Just put in a dirty movie for the kids. It will keep them quiet. How about Bad Santa unrated???

  4. Alrighty: ad update, when I was here they did one for Luvs on breastfeeding in public and now an ad for the 2010 Volvo XC60.

  5. The ad I see is about sunscreen. Just so's you knows...

  6. Wii ad again. It knows I at a cheeseburger for lunch.

  7. ate

    dang it

    It knows I ate . . .

    Darn typos happen while I'm digesting beef.

  8. Hey, that's coffee money!

  9. Yep, I'm seeing the sunscreen add. Now I just need the sun - and it sounds like you do too. Does it ever stop raining there? Parcel some up and send it to us. We've been in drought for nearly forever.

  10. Mrs. G, I was thinking yarn money, myself...

  11. The rain is making me INSANE. More tomorrow. More the day after that.

  12. Love what you're doing for the Iranian protestors.

    Husband is from Iran, his mother is here right now visiting. We can't get thru to Tehran on the phone and I'm worried sick. (Totally worried about our families safety, NOT that Mother in law will be stuck here forever. Really and truly. Mostly.) Thank you!

  13. welcome to the dark side.

    we have cookies!

  14. It's all about the sunscreen... so why has it been raining steadily for what seems like an eternity?

    Tweet away!



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