Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sick Bay

3 doses of Sudafed within 12 hours?  Not a good idea, especially if those are the 12 hours preceding bedtime.  So now I'm up until 4 AM with a killer cold, too wired to sleep even if I could manage to stop sneezing. 

Any volunteers for taking the kids today?  They're pretty easy so long as you keep feeding them candy.

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  1. Poor thing! I'd offer to take the kids except, um, I'm busy. Actually I am rather busy today but that sounds so fair-weather friendish. . . . I say let them alternate between playing outside and rotting in front of the TV for the duration of the day while you sleep.

  2. Oh Gee. . . If only I lived closer. . .

  3. Send them over--Halloween candy is on sale NOW!

  4. Next time don't take the sudafed just cook up some meth. You'll still be stuffy etc. but you'll have all the energy you need to take care of the kids.

  5. Can you sleep upright in a chair? Maybe convince them that you're just resting your eyes and will surely see them if the attempt to do anything other than play quietly?

    Feel better soon.

  6. You gotta get the old Actifed formula from an internet site from Canada. That'll fix ya right up! And not in a druggy kinda way... in the kinda way that means you can breathe through both nostrils and you can sleep. It's AWESOME.

  7. I gave up on Sudafed after doing the same thing...only I also got a racing pulse that left me wired, bleary, and wondering if I really ought to be in the ER.



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