Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Bugman

Oh, glorious day! Our pest control guy visited and listened to me as I poured out my woes to him - all about the stinkbugs, and the attic, and the mice, and the never-ending parade of sugar ants in my kitchen.  He even endured my litany of complaints about the centipedes. 

"Of course, he did," comments Larry.  "We're paying him to listen."

Do you think Larry is trying to make me feel cheap?  Is he implying that this gentleman is some type of Ortho-yielding gigolo, plying his trade among needy housewives whose husbands are fed up with their complaining?

Oh, I don't care, people! I don't care because my exterminator in shining armor did not turn on his heel and run from this particular needy housewife.  No!  He braved the attic and sprayed the soffets and even complimented my anti-ant efforts. And then...THEN!...he put out mouse bait in the furnace room.

"It's not those horrible sticky traps, is it?" I asked.

"No, Ma'am," he said.  "The mice eat it and it dries them right up; you won't have any dead critters stinking up your house."

Sigh.  Isn't he a dream?

[image credit:Dr.Paterno blog]


  1. As long as they don't die in your walls--I've been there, done that and no thank you!

    I hope your stink bug problems are short-lived.

  2. A knight in shining armor indeed! Every woman should have one at least once in her life.
    Mine rescued me in Texas, so I suppose that I'll just be happy with SuperDad's continued efforts in the stinkbug battle. (He's pretty good, too.)

    Mice? La-la-la-la I can't hear you...

  3. Dries 'em right up???? How on earth does it do that?

  4. Your relationship with your bug man sounds like the one I have going with my plumber.

  5. I've never seen a dried up mouse. Hmmm...

  6. This was too funny. And mirrored what's going on in my life! The bug man (which is also what my son calls him to his face) came and we have wood-boring beetles eating their way through our house. Isn't that dandy? Along with carpenter ants! Yeehaw! Go get 'em, Bug Man!

  7. He's the dreamiest!

    I think that "exterminator" is one of those jobs where half of the job is the actual work (i.e., killing bugs), and the other half of the job is consoling the client. It's like being a vet or funeral director. It's part of the job...

    Still, congratulations on being vermin-free!!