Friday, September 03, 2010

Present But Cranky

I haven't felt like writing.  So sue me. 

But I'll return one of these days - I've just got to get through this weekend without screaming at the children to stop saying "Mommy!" sixteen thousand times an hour.  It's beginning to get to me.  Also? I need to avoid gaining a zillion pounds during this weekend's barbecue-fest.

Get thee behind me, Harris Teeter! Must you put your pies on sale right now?

Our 90-something temperatures are returning next week, and the stinkbugs are all having babies which run much faster than their easy-to-catch adult counterparts.  Large dead cicadas keep falling out of the trees, while moths repeatedly invade our domicile in search of my  yarn stash.  Don't even talk to me about the darn ants...just don't.  Oh, and my fellow bug-neurotic sent  me this lovely website.  Click at your own risk.  I think I'm going to make Larry buy me some sort of trailer/camper this weekend - I'm certainly never staying in a hotel again.

[Pop-up camper image credit:]


  1. I feel so itchy now...and we got a cold snap which means our mosquitoes are finally GONE (for a day or two) so I'm running ragged outside trying to get 3 weeks of chores done without marinating in OFF.
    Your Tweet about a day at the beach SO CRACKS me up.
    At least you have a Bed Bug Alert website as a preventative the old days when you'd stay at a place, come home with bed bugs, tell your friend and they'd say, "Oh, we stayed there last summer and had the same problem."

  2. Had to look at the bedbugs site. And writing? What's that?

  3. Maybe it's the season?!!! I'm cranky, too.

    I think it is time for you to put your feet up and eat some bonbons.

    Bedbugs, frightening me to the core!

    Hang in there.

  4. Maybe you'd like to come tent camping with us? That would give you blog fodder!

    I refuse to click on the bedbug site. It's bad enough to see, hear, and feel those darned stink bugs EVERYWHERE yet again.

  5. No, I won't click on that! I moused over it though to see where the link went. Ignorance is bliss. And I will NOT own a camping trailer.

  6. We rented two different houses last week on vacation in NH - I was like a bedbug nazi! We came thisclose to packing it up and leaving the first place because while there were no visible bedbugs (or tell-tale bedbug signs), it seemed like the type of place that would have them.

  7. Yum, pie. I'll take pie over bbq any day of the week.
    And I'm not even thinking about bugs...

  8. I moved away from the east coast and I find that I miss the cicadas.

    Mmmm... pie.

  9. My family had a camper like that back in the day! Maybe a little bigger; there were eight of us crammed in that thing. Memories!

    Tell you what, you come camping to California and I'll bake you a homemade pie. Mixed berries sound good?

  10. We do not have such exotic bugs here...but the ants are non-stop this summer.