Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Convention Week Fun

My Internet crapped out on me just as I was settling in to watch Michelle on CSpan.  Thanks, Verizon!  I had to listen to her on the radio, as if I were Grandma Walton or something.

That's me - front row, 3rd from the right

When the Internet came back later, I checked out Cory Booker's speech on YouTube.  I don't understand why everyone is raving about Julian Castro - Cory is the guy to watch.  When's the last time Julian rescued a constituent from a burning building, eh?

And how about that Governor Deval Patrick?  It sounded like a tent revivalist meeting in the convention hall while he was talking. 

I'll say one thing - I watched both conventions, and it was sure easier tonight to find non-Caucasian faces on the convention floor tonight than it was last week.  I'm just glad my Internet was working during Clint Eastwood's bit.  I would have hated to have missed that.

And now, tell me - when did I turn into a politics geek, anyway?  When I first met Larry, I never even listened to the radio.  He even had to explain to me what NPR was. 

He's sorry now, I'll betcha.

[Waltons image: Denise Wymore]


  1. "Nightly Political Rant"? [smile] I still don't do politics. Haven't watched anything. Haven't listened to anything. Read a little. I need to do more research before actually voting, but it's hard to find real information anywhere that talks through the issues and what politicians are actually planning to do about it. Last year my wife spent a lot of time browsing various politician's websites and found that, by and large, they never actually state what their intentions are beyond "world peace" and that kind of thing... [sigh] I don't like how hard it is to actually be informed.


    1. The LAST place to go for info are the campaign websites! Reputable newspapers that publish op-ed pieces with opposing views, NPR (which carries informative interviews with politicians/statesmen from all over the political spectrum), Politifact for fact-checking....these are all good sources of information.

      But, really, Luke, this is hardly a rant. I'm saving that for after Halloween sometime. What's going on right now is political theater, plain and simple; so I treat it as the entertainment that it is.

  2. I think the Democrats are making a BIG play for the more moderate Christian coalition with the Bible quotes. Good for them! I wondered years ago who gave the Republicans exclusive rights to those quotes.

    1. IMO, the Republican rhetoric doesn't give them any rights to quote the Bible (unless you want to go Old Testament on folks). There's just something about taking care of the poor and needy that fits with what Jesus preached. That's what I see from where I'm standing anyway.

  3. Dang it, I should have hid out with the computer so I could watch it online! My husband doesn't want to have rhetoric spewed around him from any party, anywhere. I suppose that makes us the poor folks down the road from the Walton place...

  4. Coming here from Queen Mediocretia. I have become more political in the past few years. I think we need to keep an eye on things and use the best sources of information we can find. I also think local races are very very important this election cycle.

  5. My husband and I are spellbound. I hope you Google Imaged Michelle's dress. She was stunning in both looks and delivery. I'm kind of in love with her.



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