Sunday, October 28, 2012


We've been so busy hunkering down around here, I forgot to post.  Currently, the above tune is going through my head, and I'm pondering whether it is worth driving to Harris Teeter at this point to see if there is a loaf of bread left.  There sure as heck aren't any size "D" batteries left in town.  Or bottled water.  Or flashlights.

All I can say is, this storm had better live up to expectations, or we are all going to look mighty silly.  And no one will ever believe the weather guys again.


  1. I hope it is a lot of hype. The broadcasters on the weather channel look so excited and happy, like they won the lottery!

    Seriously, stay safe. We know about hurricanes down here in Miami and I'd rather be way over-prepared and have nothing happen (Happens a lot) than have them be right!

  2. Yeah, it could go either way. Either the weather dudes are deities who managed to predict something correctly OR they're utter idiots who can't read a computer simulation. Hang in there and be safe, regardless!

  3. It would appear the weather folks are rather damned if they do and damned if they don't. Hope you all make it through without having to go Donner Party due to lack of supplies!

    1. I'm thinking we have more provisions in this house for a two-day storm than your average 19th-century prairie family had for the entire winter. And the kids will STILL be begging me to order pizza...

  4. I'm always so conflicted about these forecasts --I both want to experience the "storm of the century" and DON'T want to experience it :-) I hope you guys are all safe and don't have to go without electricity. That's always the worst part.

  5. I hope you come through the storm safe and sound! We're preparing here too, but it looks like we won't get the worst of it here in C'ville.

  6. I am going to have to agree with Japolina. We hunker down regularly - everything sells out - and the storm turns, and we sing praises that we managed to escape the blow even if we do look silly.

  7. It's a hurricane hitting a blizzard.

  8. One of the weathermen interviewed in our paper said that if all goes wrong, it will be the storm of the century, but that he hoped he we was wrong. We have already been without power for 2 hours, although it came back on, thank goodness. Our grocery store was also cleaned out of water and bread, which always makes me laugh. I mean, there's the possibility of water issues, as our pump station has flooded before, but, really, how much bread do you go through in a week? And do you really think you'll be cut off from civilization longer than that?

  9. All stores are required to sell out of the 3 major white items: bread, milk, toilet paper.

    We had the "Storm of the Century" a couple of years ago, when I still lived out there. You aren't allowed to have a second one! ;)

    PS: Flashlight Tag

  10. Hope everyone is ok over there, I have been trying to follow on our news, seems really bad in New York etc, but my knowledge of the geography is a little limited.



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