Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cake! Gifts! Balloons!

It's Larry's birthday today, and we're currently in the midst of baking the fabled cranberry upside-down cake.  That link represents my brief foray into the world of recipe blogging, in case you too want to try making a cake that will give you a 3-day-long sugar rush. 

But, hey, it has cranberries!  And walnuts!  It's healthy!

This WON'T be Larry's present this year.
Larry is actually getting an awesome present this year, courtesy of my BlogHer earnings and my Dad's generosity -- as opposed to last year, say, when the kids and I picked out a shredder for him at Office Depot.  In our defense, I do think that he really liked that shredder.  And it's very useful.

This year is different.  In fact, I actually covet Larry's present, which is an IPod Touch (the 4G's just came down in price, people - and now there is a 16GB version that is less than the 8GB used to be!).  I think, in fact, that it will be sort of wasted on him.  This opinion is based on the fact that, every time Larry attempts to use his not-smart phone, he stares at it as though he were a wild primate who had just come across this strange device in the middle of the jungle.  He all but scratches his head and makes chimpanzee sounds as he attempts to retrieve a text message.

Yes, I'm making fun of my spouse on his birthday.  But he IS getting a cool gift to make up for it.  AND balloons.  How much better can it get?

[shredder image:]


  1. So this, in turn, becomes a bonus birthday gift for you when he is not smart enough to use it. Good thinking!

  2. My shredder made me happy for months! Some of us are simple people. :)
    And iPod Touch *AND* balloons? You spoil him. (That's probably a good thing.)

    Happy birthday to Larry!

  3. Wow, you're good. I'm trying to think the last time I actually got my husband a birthday present... I think our gift to each other each year is permission to not give each other gifts.

  4. Happy Birthday from all of us!

  5. You are the best wife ever! That's some gift!
    Happy Birthday to your main squeeze.

  6. My husband's last birthday present WAS the cake, so you're doing great!