Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girl Talk

Okay, it looks as though we are pulling out of the fever/sore throat/head cold thing Susie and Brian contracted.  We still haven't figured out what was wrong with Rachel, but she spent an entire night in the middle of last week threatening to throw up.

We sure know how to have fun as a family.

Larry has left on business again; but that's okay with me, as I expect him to come down with this lovely disease any minute now.  He was the one who pulled bedtime duty with Susie for the past week, as she simply did not feel her purpose in life could be fulfilled without her being able to breathe and cough all over one of us all night.  I myself slept in the spare bedroom.  Sauve qui peut, I always say.  Because I like to show off my French.

Last night I was able to escape the coughing and the Kleenex and the cries of my ailing young to go watch Jane Eyre, because a friend and I have instituted a gal's movie night every other week.  There was chocolate involved, too, of course.  I highly recommend this form of recreation - we get to watch all those movies that would be ruined by the presence of a disgusted, irritated male in the room, and then we spend the rest of the evening talking about all those things men think don't warrant discussion.   I got home at 1:30 AM. 

"What were you doing out so late?" Larry asked this morning, slightly irritated, seeing as how we have caught barely a glimpse of each other all week, what with his work demands and our sick children and Brian's Boy Scout trip.

"We were talking," I said.  "So you don't have to."

You know, he didn't even try to argue with that.

[Photo: Makeup Masala]


  1. I used to spend about 45 minutes talking and "detoxing" after work every day. Now I still talk, but I'm too exhausted to really put my heart into it. I don't think Mr. Half misses it too much. Just saying.

  2. "We were you don't have to." Priceless! I may start making a regular movie night thing with a girlfriend, based on the success of this post!

  3. That is the BEST line used on a husband in the history of married life. Brava!

  4. My husband knows that when I say I'll be back around 10 or 10:30 when I go out with the girls that he should delete all zeros in that number to get the 'real' time I'll be home. Because if I don't go and emotionally and verbally vomit all over my friends, he gets it later. I think you nailed it.

  5. > "We were talking," I said. "So you don't have to."

    There is no arguing against your logic. Besides which, arguing would require talking.

  6. I'm with Larry. Wherever that is.

  7. That is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  8. Ha! Yes to that talking to girls so the boys don't have to!