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Same Time Next Year

That stomach flu was NOT a pleasant experience. Plus, it was sneaky. I was sick Friday and Saturday, felt much better Sunday, buzzed around cleaning the house and cooking a real dinner for my family (which had been subsisting on pizza) and even ate said dinner. I felt fine! I was cured!

Until I woke up sick again at 5 AM Monday morning. You know how being ill can give you nightmares? I woke up nauseated and panicky, convinced that David was in dire straights at college. I spent all of Monday lying on the couch and frantically texting him and asking if everything was okay. I was convinced my motherly instincts had sensed a problem, 3 whole states away.

Luckily, I was wrong. Or, at least, David says I was wrong.

Anyway, here it is Wednesday, and my insides seem to be working normally again, and it is GORGEOUS outside, with the cherry blossoms and the magnolia blossoms and what all, and David continues to claim he is JUST FINE, ALREADY. My life would be perfect right now, actually, if it…

Seeing The Light

So, I seem to have Rachel's awful bug. Luckily, it hit me on an empty stomach. But how unfair is it that I should get sick and not Larry? I mean, it WAS Larry who was the holder of the towel during her barfing all-nighter. Yet here I lie, starving and miserable. I am tempted to breathe on his pillow.

So, after dropping the girls off at their activity this morning, I drove home and went to bed. I've gotten up a few times today, wandered downstairs, turned out lights, closed doors, and then gone back to bed, exhausted. Because, really, as the parent of children who are all aged 10 and up, that is mostly what I do now - turn out lights and close doors: closet doors, pantry doors, cabinet doors. Constantly. And I am too burned out to harangue the kids to do it.

Did I say "burned out"? I meant, cynical - I am too cynical. You see, I know it's useless. They don't hear me. They don't understand me. I remember, as a teen, hearing my dad ranting, "The house i…

Death And Barf - Happy Monday!

Yes, still here. A lifelong friend died last week, so I traveled to NJ for her memorial service. I hadn't seen her much over our grown-up years - we would mostly meet up at birthday parties and funerals, as our parents were friends. But she was always there and someone I loved talking to and catching up with. As is my wont, I had not kept in touch with her over the past year, so I had no idea she was dying. I spent most of last week hating myself for that, of course.

Don't you like how I make someone's death all about me? I'm a lovely person, I am.

I had planned to leave Saturday morning, so I spent Friday prepping food for the weekend (cutting up fruit, making a big pot of mac and cheese, etc.). I needed to make sure my family wouldn't starve or die of scurvy while I was away. Don't be too impressed - I told Larry to use my 2 free sub credits at Harris Teeter for Sunday dinner.

Friday night, 11:30 - I was performing my nightly ritual of sitting on the couch, t…

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Looks as though third time's the charm, right? I found out this weekend that I get to be part of the cast for this year's LTYM DC. Awesome!

Well, Larry's not so sure of that. "Do they use your real name?" he said.

"Larry, I'm up on stage. People can SEE me. Maybe you want me wearing a paper bag on my head?"


"That's not really an option, Larry. I was joking."

So, yeah, I get to do this thing. That's a relief, because I was dreading writing yet another blog post explaining that it was super A-OK that I hadn't been selected. I mean, a person only possesses so much magnanimity. Also, I think I might get a LYTM T-shirt out of the deal. This fame thing sure has a lot of perks, you know.

And...that's all for tonight, folks. Brian hogged the computer all day today for inconsequential things such as chemistry homework, and - now that I have finally wrested the keyboard away from him - I am too tired to host the book giveawa…

Dog Days

My neighbor just got a puppy. A good friend got a dog last year. A knitting friend got a dog 2 months ago, after saying she definitely DID NOT WANT A DOG.

And what I am saying here now is I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME. No matter how much my children beg. No matter how much my middle-aged friends insist it has given them a new lease (leash?) on life. No matter how much Larry sits around sighing reminiscently over his childhood dog Ginger.

Oh, I get it, people - it's like having a new baby. Having a dog gives the family something to bond over, something that is actually glad to see you when you get home (unlike the teenage dementors you seem to have raised). What's more, it will never, ever turn into a surly adolescent that will make you feel like crap 24/7. What's not to love?

Well, poop, for one thing. PICKING UP POOP, mind you, with your HAND.  Look, I've had 6 babies. I've wiped more poop than I care to remember. But all that poop-wiping was for individuals wh…