Monday, March 07, 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Looks as though third time's the charm, right? I found out this weekend that I get to be part of the cast for this year's LTYM DC. Awesome!

Well, Larry's not so sure of that. "Do they use your real name?" he said.

"Larry, I'm up on stage. People can SEE me. Maybe you want me wearing a paper bag on my head?"


"That's not really an option, Larry. I was joking."

If only I could look this cool in it...
So, yeah, I get to do this thing. That's a relief, because I was dreading writing yet another blog post explaining that it was super A-OK that I hadn't been selected. I mean, a person only possesses so much magnanimity. Also, I think I might get a LYTM T-shirt out of the deal. This fame thing sure has a lot of perks, you know.

And...that's all for tonight, folks. Brian hogged the computer all day today for inconsequential things such as chemistry homework, and - now that I have finally wrested the keyboard away from him - I am too tired to host the book giveaway I had planned. Tomorrow, though - I will get to it tomorrow. I mean, once I fend off the paparazzi, of course...

[LTYM shirt image: Zazzle]


  1. Excellent news! I think I'll attend this year to hear you!

    1. If you do, make sure to introduce yourself afterwards!

  2. Congratulations! I auditioned once a few years ago and didn't get in, and haven't really gotten up the nerve to try again. Maybe I should. I hope you post a clip of the show!

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations! And I bet they will be happy to sell you the t-shirt, baseball shirt, sweatshirt, bumper sticker, etc. with their logo. Buy one for Larry,and make him wear it in public.

  4. I'm excited for you! And I think each of your kids needs one of those shirts, just for the positive message.
    I do hope Larry doesn't think the rest of us are of questionable mental stability (only occasionally... shhhh...), imaginary and/or ax-wielding psychopaths. In a 2 month period, I broke my husband in with my visiting several blog friends and taking the whole family to visit Gary's pottery studio near Ithaca. That was 7 years ago; my dh recently told some friends here (with pride in his voice!) that I have made friends from blogging all over the world. I think I managed to keep my chin from dropping all the way to the floor. I hope Larry is appropriately proud of you!

  5. YAY!! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to read all about it in the tabloids.

  6. This is fabulous! Congratulations! You will do a wonderful job, I'm sure. Promise to tell us all the gory details, okay?

  7. HOORAY! Congratulations to you! You are going to ROCK this gig!

  8. WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!! LTYM was one of the coolest experiences of my life and a memory I will cherish forever.

    Um, I didn't get a t-shirt?? Sounds like DC is the place to be.

    So looking forward to watching you on YouTube ;)

  9. What is that thing that the kids say....."squeeeee"....or something like that!?! Way to go. I am proud of your tenacity and that you were able to get beyond the fear of rejection and go for it! I will enjoy living vicariously through you and your fame.

  10. Congratulations!!! Can we say "We knew you when,"?

  11. Oh wow! That is awesome! Can't wait to see it. You are a braver woman than I.

  12. Congrats!!! And your husband with the anonymity thing...I keep waiting for you to post HIS picture!

  13. Congratulations! You deserve it!

  14. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

  15. Wow! That's great! I hope that you get that T-shirt because it looks cool. But the main thing is Woo hoo you get to be on stage and do this thing!



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