Wednesday, April 13, 2011


10 unused Weight Watcher's points 
an hitherto undiscovered box of  Girl Scout Thin Mints?
Better than a warm puppy....
And tastier, too... 
But if you are suffering a paucity of Weight Watcher points and/or cookies, you can still up your happiness quotient by visiting Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor.  She has once again returned to her little corner of the Internets.  Verily, my blogging cup runneth over.
[Snoopy image: K.
[Thin Mint image: Nikki G]


  1. We are sans girl scout cookies this year. No one in our neighborhood sells them. We have got to move.

  2. Happiness is losing to you by less than 100 points.

    I used my 5 points this evening on some Whopper mini-eggs. 15 of them. And I loved each one!

  3. I had that Peanuts book when I was still young enough to sell girl scout cookies.

    But I don't like the soccer theme of that not-so thin mint picture. What, that ball is supposed to inspire me to be active while I'm eating my beloved cookies? I think not.

  4. Thin mints...yum. Dammit, now I've got drool all over my keyboard.

  5. There are several things better than a warm puppy. Now... a snuggly *kitten,* on the other hand.... (says the crazy cat lady)

  6. I'm only needing to lose about seven the point thing a good idea for me? I'm too cheap, I mean, I'm too much of a good steward to go all in until I hear from those who know.

    If you have any posts specific to this, let me know, please?

    (I'd follow you, but your follower thingy didn't click to anything. Perhaps I'm just inept this a.m.)

  7. When did Mrs G return??? Hooray!!!
    And the cookies? Um, YUM!

  8. Oh, after I posted that last comment, it showed up! Following!

  9. Our Girl Scout cookies are gone. It's a sad, sad situation. But when I saw Mrs. G's post yesterday, I was filled with joy!

  10. Your cup runneth over with, what, MILK for those cookies?! MMM.

  11. Our troup has a few cases of cookies left, but I'm not sure which varieties they have... I only bought 4 boxes this year, they were gone in a day.

  12. Any left over? I'll be right there. (What's that plane schedule...)