Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's In A Name? Everything.

I got a call from the pediatric dentist's office today.

"Hello?  Mrs. SuburbanCorrespondent?  I'm just calling to remind you that you have an appointment for 3 children tomorrow at 12:20 for sealants."  

"Yes!  Got it!  12:20 - we'll be there!  Um, 3 children?"

"Yes, ma'am.  All 3 at 12:20.  We'll see you then!"

"Wait!  3 children, you said?"

"That's right, ma'am."

Darn, this woman won't cut me a break.  She's making me ask.

"Uh, could you tell me which 3 kids that is?"

I'm thinking that the only way the Galbraiths managed was that there weren't sealants way back then...or maybe this is just one more clue that I might have too many offspring...

[Cheaper By The Dozen image: CRTA]  


  1. Doctor/Dentists offices are a conspiracy to make us feel like bad moms. I had to make an appointment today for a 2nd opinion about one of my children. The receptionist asked for the name of the referring doctor.

    I had no idea what his name was. I had to look it up in my calendar.

  2. And all I can think of is "Wow, she must have amazing dental insurance if it covers sealants!"

  3. That's one of my very favorite movies! Love the scene where the woman comes from Planned Parenthood.

  4. Can you imagine what the Duggars go through?

  5. You lucky woman. I only have 3.


    got started to late in this game.

  6. Too funny...again! I always wanted six children, but now I'm glad I just have two!

    You're the best!

  7. Yesterday the vision therapist said to me: your daughter is complaining about headaches. Does she get them when she wears her glasses. I said: she doesn't have any glasses. The VT looked at me aghast. "Um, yes she does." Then I realized that my dd must have lost her glasses months ago and hadn't been wearing them for so long it had slipped my very poor short term memory.

    I'm expecting a visit any time now from the Child Protective Service.

    Bad, bad mommy!

  8. Hee hee! Been there, done that! ;o)

  9. Ha! That's pretty funny--I'm surprised she didn't clue in sooner and just tell you who!

  10. Ha! This has happened to me any number of times. I try top put their names on the calendar, but sometimes it doesn't happen. the other day, our dentist office called a a third time to "make collection" on an overdue bill of 13.47 cents. After I researched the account and found the canceled check and faxed it to them, THEN they discovered that they had put child # 9 on a different account altogether because "they could only fit 8 per family on one account" (right) and therefore credited the "wrong account" with my payment.

    She was snarky and finally-apologized without a grain of sincerity.

  11. Been there. Now I just take all six of my youngest at one time. It takes all morning but at least I get it all over with in one day. The only problem is that now I can never cancel or reschedule because we are their only patients for the whole morning!

  12. LOL! You crack me up! And I completely understand!

  13. *lol* -- love that!

    So long,

  14. Was she thinking "all 3" as in who could have more than 3 children, and if you have appointments for 3 kids at the same time, that must be all your children? BUT would it kill her to treat the patients (and their mom who writes the check) as if they are human beings and have names that they know and respond to?

  15. I've only got 4 and I can totally see this happening to me...
    Thanks for the 2am smile! :)

  16. Yep. No sealants. That's how they did it.

  17. Too funny! Thankfully I have just the 3 or i wouldn't stand a chance :-)