Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lowering The Bar

"Don't you have Knit Night tonight?" Larry asked me after dinner.

"Oh, yes, I do!  I forgot!  I'm late!  Do you mind if I run out now?"

"Go ahead," he said.  "I've got things covered here."

What a great guy, I thought as I walked - nay, ran - out the door.  Tired out from the day's work and still willing to pick up the slack in the evening so his wife could have some much-needed social time....

So I'm sitting here 2 hours later looking at a sinkful of dirty dishes and wondering whether Larry just wanted me out of the way so he could conk out early with the kids.  Not that I'm complaining, really - if I did, Larry would point out, "Hey, I might not have cleaned the kitchen, but at least I didn't spend the evening Tweeting pictures of my private parts!"

Thank you, Congressman Weiner, for lowering the bar for men across America.  Husbands everywhere salute you.

[And, yes, both those links up there go to the same op-ed piece - it's worth a click just to read its title.]

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  1. Why, oh why, do these guys do things like this? My son recently got himself into some trouble over Twitter (no pictures!)--you'd expect a 40-something year old congressman to know more than an 18-year old high school kid.

  2. We call our knit night A Dose of Fiber.

    Since my husband does most of the housework, I can leave whenever I need to...

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    I had book club last night and did NOT forget to leave everyone in my dust....and came home to mass chaos where i'd left a clean house. I'll meditate on the fact that D doesn't sext or tweext or anything of the sort.

  4. I expect the kitchen to be a mess any time I go out in the evening (you know, Boy Scout meetings, Band Parent Meetings). Right now my MIL is visiting and I'm so surprised and pleased to discover there really *IS* a kitchen fairy!

    "Scrabble is a frivolous exchange among friends." Not at my house! Scrabble is marital warfare. But I'll take that any day over a man who strays.