Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes: One Day Late Edition

All I can say is, anyone who would go to these lengths to embarrass his teenager is definitely a friend of mine.  Thank you, Wave at the Bus, you've restored my faith in American parents.

Well!  According to this article, any fatigue I'm feeling is an indicator that I will soon be diagnosed with MS.  You know, I really preferred the iron-poor blood explanation.  But hey - my hypochondria can always use a boost.


 Readers, I'm in love.  I've just discovered Evernote, which is evidently why the Internet needed to exist in the first place.  What?  You all already knew about it and neglected to tell me?  Shame on you!

Sigh - checklists, pdf's, notes, emails all in one place...tell me, what did I ever do to be so lucky?  All that, and a mobile app too! Oh, one-eyed elephant, I'd follow you anywhere! 

Why are you stuck listening to me babble on like this?  Because Larry is sick and tired of hearing me rave about my new inamorata.  The man's jealous, is all.


Larry is an Evernote refusenik.  But is that so surprising a stance coming from a man who still uses Juno email?  Luddite.


Guess who isn't here this weekend?  Larry took David for a backpacking overnight with a couple of other Boy Scouts.  Never mind that it is David's birthday...I sure hope REI has some freeze-dried birthday cake for hapless sons of outdoor enthusiasts, is all I can say.


So!  What does a parent get for a teen who can bypass any and all security we might put on our home computer?  Handcuffs, maybe?  Problem is, we can no longer manage without him.  And he knows it.  Larry says it's my fault for teaching the kid to read in the first place.  That's it - when all else fails, blame the homeschooling...


If you're not busy, visit Jennifer, who hosts 7 Quick Takes - I'm pretty sure she's an Evernote fan, also.  At least, with 5 kids age 7 and under, she should be.

[Edited to add:  Oh, wait - Jennifer is where I learned about Evernote in the first place.  Silly me.]


  1. Let's hope the boys don't bring back some horrid flu like they did the last time.

  2. My mother used to lay on the couch all afternoon. I can tell you plot lines from Guiding Light from when I was five, because she'd turn on the soaps, plop me on the couch next to her, and close her eyes for two hours. (I'm convinced this is why I do so much with my kids, btw; my mother didn't do much of anything with me but watch soap operas.) When I was in my early 20s, she was diagnosed with MS. I also read somewhere that one celiac doctor said the one symptom all her patients had in common was fatigue. My guess is my mother had undiagnosed celiac that contributed and/or led to the MS. (So if you have celiac and a family history of MS and your hands tingle, the neurologists do NOT treat you like a hypochondriac. I'm still paying for the MRI, but my brain, as of a couple months ago, was in tip-top shape.)

    Also, I think I'm using Pinterest sort of like Evernote...

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2011

    oops... sorry.. shoulda told ya.

    i'm always amazed how often random things i've tossed into evernote notebooks manage to save my rear away from home with the mobile app and/or by using the web interface from someone else's computer.

    instructions for recipes i thought i knew but forgot while standing in my moms kitchen..
    random phone numbers, addresses, to do list items, grocery items...
    account numbers to call about problems with whatever...
    ive even found myself filling out a job ap using contact info from references off the screen.

  4. You just called me a luddite.... which makes sense, as I'd never heard of Evernote.

    My 15yo "forgot" about the urgent message from his uncle. I found it when I had already been home for 90 minutes (at that point, the note was several hours old). I then gave him a heaping serving of guilt.

    We skipped the Boy Scout campout this weekend in favor of my wondering what to feed 9 people for supper. (I'm still wondering...)

  5. Off to explore Evernote. Thanks for making sure I'm not, as is often the case, the last to know about it. If I remember right, you told me about a blog reader and that changed my life.

  6. @Mrs. G. - You do know it's worrisome if I am your guide to all things Internet, right?