Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Disgruntlement R Us

May I start by saying that the weather here is ridiculously warm for the first day of spring?  I'm thinking it just might be the end times.

Also?  Larry informed me that his management retreat (yes, another one) is scheduled for MY BIRTHDAY.  And, believe me, he did not look nearly sorry enough when he told me that.  "You can have your day off another day," he said (almost blithely, I might add).  Excuse me - haven't we been through this before?  Methinks I'm going to grab an entire birthday weekend, thank you very much.

Sheesh, what am I, anyway?  Chopped liver?

That's a Jewish joke, so I'm not sure if it makes sense to goyim.  But it sure does make us Hebrews crack up.

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I was questioning the value of my very existence.  Who says this blog is all froth and no substance, anyway?

Why is this guy so happy about overpriced ebooks?
But, on the happy side of life, Anne Lamott's new book came out today!  The electronic version costs 13 dollars, however.  Why?  Is it all that paper they aren't using?  All that shipping they aren't doing?  Oh, I know!  Maybe it's to pay the rent for the warehouse where they store all those pixels.

What happened to 10-dollar ebooks, anyway?  And don't tell me there are tons of free ebooks out there.  I've read them already.  On paper, actually, way back in the dark ages when we actually had to turn the pages...

[Nook image: Digital Trends]


  1. This is why I'm not joining the ebook revolution for a while. If I lose a real book, I eventually find it under the couch or in the bed covers. I don't trust digital, which is why I'll probably end up in Idaho in a bunker lined with books.

  2. That's because he doesn't have to pay for them. I also suspect that he doesn't know how to read. I don't know what's giving me this impression - probably his stupid grin. (I hope no one knows him in real life.) Well, I enlarged the picture to see what he is pointing at to make fun of the poor guy a little more only to discover that in the enlarged version he has tears in his eyes. what could that possibly mean?

  3. Re the first paragraph: I agree.

    I didn't know Anne Lamott has another book out! So exciting!

  4. Ohhhhhhh I HATE IT when they pull stuff on your birthday and then promise you another day. Because IT NEVER HAPPENS. My husband took off for a FOUR-DAY CRUISE last year, over my birthday. He promised me a weekend off. I have yet to see it, and my birthday comes around again in less than a month. His cruise this year (for "work," by the way) is two weeks after my birthday this year. I suppose I should be thankful.

    Wow, I'm bitter. I hope you're not as bitter as I am and that your spouse lets you get a break! After all the lice, you need one :)

  5. I had no idea it was a Jewish joke -- my family used it all the time. In fact, I STILL use it often.
    You definitely deserve a birthday weekend. Take 3 days instead of two. Just don't get the cold I've got, because a weekend off with an elephant on your chest is probably not advisable.

    Guess I'd better read the Anne Lamont book I got from my mom's shelf before I read the new one. No one accuses me of being current.

  6. It would help if I could spell the author's name correctly...

  7. I am at the point where I really prefer an e-book; I especially love reading under the covers.

    I am sure I will read Lamott's new book, but sometimes she gets a little too self-analytical for me.

  8. It must be something in the air. My husband just rescheduled an event he's going to with friends for my birthday. (Okay, he offered to tell them he wasn't available, but he knew I wouldn't mind having the day to myself.)

  9. No ebooks for me--I'll buy the real deal for 15$ and love it forever AND spill coffee on it without flinching once.

  10. It should be illegal for spouses to celebrate our birthdays on any other day than our actual b-day. Of course, IF they want to celebrate any extra days along with our real b-day, that's absolutely acceptable!

    Do you feel a birthday MONTH coming on?

  11. Actually if you have a Nook there are new free books every month. The trick to finding them is to go to nook books, subject and then setting up the display to show the books from lowest to highest price.Also every Friday there is a special free book you can find by searching the site for Nook blog.
    (PS Long time reader first time commenter.)

  12. So far the free books I've read have been crap.

    I wasn't going to get an ebook reader but my mom bought me one for Christmas. It is nice to not have to go to the store to get a book and I have her on my account so we can share.

    The Hunger games are cheaper than in the store so there is one plus ;)

  13. "All froth and no substance" ? Is that a category of vomit?

    I better start re-reading your blog from the beginning to make sure I didn't miss "the categories of vomit."