Friday, July 20, 2012


Feeling a little bleary-eyed after spending several nights on the couch (so as not to wake Larry with my coughing and nose-blowing), I stumbled across this little tidbit of health news on Facebook today.

Yup, you read that right: US Whooping Cough Outbreak Could Be Worst in Half Century.  Right here, CDC!  I think we finally have a diagnosis.

Lately, synonymous with "dinner"
Meanwhile, short on sleep (see "couch" and "cough", above) and staggering through my days, keeping everyone on track and moving along - band camp, art camp, Paint Camp - whilst planning meals, foraging for pizza coupons, and making sure to take advantage of this hot summer by spending afternoons at the pool with the kids...

in short, being the MOM around here...

I hadn't realized how close I was to the edge until round about 1:15 today, when Larry called from his cellphone, running late, suggesting he just meet me at Rachel's band camp concert instead of driving us all there.

Poor man - guess who got an earful of crazy, spewed by a sleep-deprived, sick (have I mentioned the whooping cough?), keeping-it-all-together wife who suddenly realized that she could not do ONE MORE THING (other than go upstairs and lie down for several hours, that is).

I feel sort of bad about missing that concert, though. 

[Pizza image: The Recycle Times]


  1. I actually heard that on the radio this morning and thought of you! I hope you are better soon. Being sick sucks.

  2. I do believe I mentioned that option (for your child, not you) a few posts back. Get thee to a doctor!

  3. I read that same article...which I then forwarded to 2 of my friends who had been complaining about their kids coughing and had, when I asked about whooping cough....replied that they had the vaccine so they couldn't have it! I hope you are cured now that you finally have a diagnosis. Now, go back to bed and let the troops fend for themselves a bit more! Sorry about the concert too....

  4. Whooping Cough has been a huge problem in San Diego for quite a while. Our kids couldn't go to school last year without their booster shots.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012

    And the symptoms are milder because of the vaccine so the doctors don't think of diagnosing whooping cough.

  6. Oh to have a diagnosis and hopefully renewed health around the corner! Wishing you much rest and much less coughing.♥