Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chips Off The Old Block

After church, Larry took Susie and Rachel to a local festival (because why miss an opportunity to risk one's life on some rickety-looking carnival rides?), and I was using my me-time to weed our overgrown front yard before someone calls the HOA on us.  But then? I had an epiphany: Larry wouldn't be a FATHER without MY help.  This holiday wouldn't have happened without ME. So now I am inside with a cool drink, enjoying Father's Day the way that God intended.

Larry is easy to please.
Yes, we DID give Larry presents.  See? Over there to the left? The Altoids, the Rudy's Rub, and the Samuel Adams, that is - ignore the pasta sauce and applesauce in the background.  I had to special order that Rudy's Rub stuff.  Larry brought it home once from a business trip in Texas, and he loves it beyond all reason.  In fact, he loves it enough to not even blink at the exorbitant shipping price I had to pay when I bought it.  "I'll use it on the chicken you're grilling later," I told him.

"Okay!" he said. "And it's great on peanuts!"

People, it's a rub for meat.  I have no idea what Larry is doing, sprinkling it on snack food.  And he wonders why I blame him for the kids' inappropriate condiment use.  Sheesh.


  1. My husband picked out 4 Led Zeppelin cds for himself. Never mind that we own 3 of them already on both cd and vinyl. They're remastered! he said excitedly. The fourth is apparently a bootleg, so of course he ordered it in my name.

    1. I do approve of his taste in music, even if he blames the bootlegging on you.

  2. You're making my household look bad. All we did was make dinner (kids) and dessert (me) to be served to the king while he reclined in front of the Spurs game.

  3. My husband didn't want to grill (weird, right?) so we went to Ted's Montana Grill because he likes it and we have one up here now but hadn't been. And they fry their French fries in dedicated fryolaters. So celiac-me got to have French fries for only the 2nd time in 4 years! Happy Father's Day to me!!