Monday, June 30, 2014


It's 83 degrees in my house, but the humidity is not too bad (I mean, for these parts - my friend from Utah would pass out if she walked in here) and damned if I am going to turn on the AC when it is already almost 5:30.  You see, Larry comes home by 6:30 and the first thing he will do is walk over to the thermostat and sort of shake his head in that cute way he has and put on his frowny eyebrows and finally, when no one says anything, he'll ask, "Isn't it hot in here?"

Which of course it is - it's AFRICA hot.  But it's fun to mess with his head, so I am bribing the kids to say, "Oh, it feels okay," just to see what he does.  Or maybe I will tell him, "We're practicing camping, because it's SO MUCH FUN."

Hey, I've got to amuse myself somehow, don't I?

Yesterday our town movie theater showed Sound of Music on the big screen for only 5 bucks a ticket.  I took the girls and spent a blissful 3 hours allowing myself to believe that governesses teach children to sing fun songs and get rich captain widowers to fall in love with them. So much better than reality...

Today, in an attempt to be a good mom, I spent half an hour cutting out large circles from construction paper to make a summer reading bookworm/caterpillar for our kitchen wall.  Everyone gets assigned a color; each time a child (or myself) reads a book, he can write the title on his color circle and paste it onto the bookworm.  Like this:

That top hat's a nice touch, right? Gives it some class...

This teaches the kids something, but I am not sure what it is.  Maybe it makes it more fun to read?  I don't know.  But I definitely feel like I did something educational there.


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2014

    Construction paper shapes IS educational.
    I never complain of heat or humidity. Living where I do, it would be so wrong.

  2. I officially love your summer reading bookworm. So simple and so colorful and so non-competitive. Definitely educational.

  3. The caterpillar idea is genius and much easier (not to mention less expensive) than cutting up the curtains to make play clothes.

  4. I wish I had a bookworm. But I'm the only one reading. I guess I'll stick to goodreads.

  5. That's cute! I'm not sure what would become of it in my house and I'm afraid to find out.

  6. My worm would be kind of small and only have my color lol