Saturday, July 11, 2015

Everything Is Awesome

I am spending my Saturday surrounded by grown men who wear Lego Movie T-shirts un-ironically. And you?

These people take their interlocking-bricks habit very seriously, I must say. Someone just showed me photos of the Lego crown molding that he created and installed in his house. I don't know what amazes me more - the fact that someone even thought of creating crown molding out of Legos or the thought that this man is married to someone saintly enough to allow him to do this to their home.

Adding to the fun was the fact that we had a guest at our monthly Adult Fans Of Lego meeting today - a muggle, as it were, who is writing some sort of book about the learning process and wanted to talk to Lego aficionados about learning and Legos. It is hard to describe the reaction of muggles when they stumble into the den of Lego wizards that is an AFOL club - essentially, you see it slowly dawning on them that things are, shall we say, just a little bit weird.

As concerns this particular interlocutor, it would be hard to pinpoint the exact moment he realized he wasn't in Kansas anymore. I'd say it was somewhere between my explaining to him what an impaired speed build is and his stumbling into a complicated discussion on the merits of aftermarket Lego alterations and whether or not they can be considered authentic Lego.

Or wait, maybe it was when he saw a photo of the crown-molding guy's Lego room (picture the Pick-A-Brick wall in a Lego store. Now multiply that by a factor of 10. Yeah, that).

So that was fun.

On another note, tomorrow is when I shut down the Facebook page associated with my pseudonym, because I never go there. There are only so many online identities that I can handle, you know, without becoming thoroughly confused. If you want to be alerted to new posts via Facebook, please Like the The More, The Messier Facebook page.  That's where all the fun is.


  1. I confess, I've never set foot in a Lego store, but I will now! PaB?!!! Who knew?

    We traveled to California with 4 kids and a medium size container of Legos for the then 4-12 year olds. They played with them endlessly, and I confess, we picked up a few more sets for birthdays and Christmas. When we returned to MA, I put the box in the closet, thinking they would rather play with the toys they hadn't seen in 6 months. Two days later came the question, "Where are the Legos?" Those things have staying power!

  2. My kids were into, but not insane for, Legos. I still have the huge bin in the garage and it will come back out in about 3 years!

  3. Legos are pretty cool. My son was a Lego aficionado. My older daughter, who rarely touched a Lego, loves the Lego movie.

  4. I can appreciate the nerd world in which you live.
    In other words, none of this post seems at all weird to me.

    1. Well, that's a little scary, right there!

    2. You haven't been drinking the Kool-Aid lately, have you?

  5. I have to wonder what people without hobbies do with their time. Because every hobbyist group I know of has at its core this kind of intense focus. Also- I saw at a train show a bumper sticker that is readily adaptable to Lego. "You don't stop playing with trains because you get old. You get old because you stop playing with trains."

  6. AnonymousJuly 14, 2015

    This was SUCH a funny read! Crown molding! For real? I think you are a saint to tag along.