Saturday, August 08, 2015

Time Flies, Even If You Don't Throw Your Clock Out A Window

I know it's been quiet here, but 2 birthdays plus 2 kids packing for college plus (incipient) shingles has made for a complicated week.

That's right, incipient.  That darn rash hasn't appeared yet, so the doctor won't prescribe the anti-viral drugs for me. Any guesses as to when it WILL appear?  Say, on the first day of our 14-hour trip to Maine for a 10-day camping vacation in a remote location far from medical care? BINGO!

Luckily, I've figured out the magic painkiller combo that allows me to function (tylenol and aspirin - who knew?).  Also, ice packs.  All those fancy anti-inflammatories and narcotics now crowding my medicine cabinet? Worthless.  I've been told the pain gets worse once the rash appears, though. Gosh, I cannot wait.

Those comfy bras I ordered? 2 were a joke - apparently, XL and XXL do not refer to the cup size but to the circumference.  As I am a 32G, that did me not one whit of good.  The third bra sort of fits, but still feels uncomfortable, due to its contact with the painful area plus its allowing the girls much too much free range of movement.  Helpful hint - if your boobs are moving in different directions as you walk, the bra IS NOT WORKING.

You're welcome.

I can't ride in this. I'm confused enough as it is.

So, yeah - we're waiting for birthday girl Anna to wake up here so we can fete her with a waffles-and-whipped-cream birthday brunch.  She's 22, a fact I find utterly ridiculous.  Why, that would make me 22 years older than the day I gave birth to her, which was simultaneously yesterday and one gazillion years ago.

Time is confusing, right? I guess this is why I am not a physicist.  Or a time traveler.

[TARDIS image: The Doctor Who Site]


  1. Glad you found a pain-killer mix that works. Throw a little codeine in there and you'll be feeling fine.
    Happy birthday to Anna!

    And I understand how you are feeling -- my baby just turned 16 and I haven't yet wrapped my head around it.

    1. Also, I haven't yet gotten him a present... although my husband bought him a new set of arrows for his target practice, so perhaps that was good enough?

  2. Twenty-two! Congratulations and happy birthday to her.
    I ache for you, sounds miserable to suffer AND wait for more suffering. Totally unfair.

  3. Wait.... ANNA is 22 ?!? How did that happen?! In my mind, she was still nineteen...

  4. I'm sorry... I got too busy to comment about the bras. I meant to because I didn't think the XL or XXL would do it for you. There's a site I've found has many extended sizes. her room dot com

  5. Wait til your oldest is 54, and baby is 50. Of course, you will be Somewhat older, too, wondering how that happened.