Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ah, Wilderness!

So, I left for vacation determined to finish up all my current knitting projects so I would be free to start new ones when I got home.

That didn't happen. Where does a dream go when it dies, anyway?

Lewis and Clark ran across this sort of thing all the time, I'm sure

We're back from 10 days of camping in the Maine wilderness (well, if the definition of wilderness includes a campground with ice cream cones every night, pastries in the morning, and bathrooms to die for), and I wish I had paid someone, anyone, to come to my house and take ALL THE CRAP out of it before we returned.  Because, really, we had all the clothes and stuff we needed while we were camping, so what are all these extra things still doing here, anyway?

Says the woman who dragged a neighbor's discarded bookcase and large wicker basket in from the curb this afternoon...

Anyway, the trip - it was marvelous. I mean, mostly marvelous. You know how personal injury lawyers chase ambulances? Well, divorce lawyers couldn't do better than to hang around family campgrounds and hand out business cards.  Particularly during set-up and take-down. And those days in between...

Where was I? Oh, yes, the trip.  We did 3 hikes (South Bubble, Pemetic, and Beech Cliff, for you Acadia National Park fans), 3 family bicycle rides (which, I swear, required more planning and preparation than landing Allied troops on that beach in Normandy), and Larry even had time to canoe and kayak with Rachel.  What's more, Brian got his own tent and was thus able to stand being with us for 2 whole weeks.

Teens are fun, right? FUN.

So now I am back home, trying to figure out what to do with the mess we left behind and attempting to gear up for the school year, which is bearing down on us with all the delicacy of a Cat 5 hurricane. Gearing up includes having Rachel finish her standardized tests that were supposed to be completed by the end of July, so I can legally homeschool her again.

See? I'm behind, and we haven't even started the school year yet.  This does not bode well.

I think I'll go throw some more stuff out, while Larry isn't watching.  Also, I believe I'm supposed to be providing something other than ice cream cones for dinner now. Although, for the life of me, I cannot think why...


  1. I vote for ice cream cones for dinner. (Are "seconds" available for those who are still hungry after the first cone?)

    I think I'm not camping properly. Our only 2 trips this summer did not include ice cream, although I did drive the 30 minutes into town one day to pick up a dozen sour cream old fashioned glazed doughnuts from Tim Horton's... and a latte. That was a good day.

  2. We kicked the kids out of our tent a few years ago. Now it's just me, my husband, and my luggable loo in the en suite master bedroom tent. The 16yo sleeps in his hiking hammock and the older teen sleeps wherever he finds a decent place. I'm pretty sure that not sharing space with the teenagers is the secret to sanity.

  3. Oooh-hooo that line about divorce lawyers. You are on to something brilliant there!

  4. Strange, isn't it, how vacations get eaten up with doing stuff? I was gone almost 3 weeks and only knit 2/3 of a sock...