Thursday, September 17, 2015

Runaway Fantasies

You haven't heard from me in over a week, because I've been trying to be a responsible adult and stay off the darn Internet long enough to get all my stuff done.  That means cleaning house, feeding people, driving people, trying to exercise, and...well, I guess that's it.  That, and writing a zillion checks and signing gazillion forms because it is the beginning of the school year and apparently my kids want to do things. Also, I've been having to dodge the eye rolling and the bored looks and the exasperated sighs emanating at an alarming rate from my newly minted 13-year-old. That'll keep a person busy.

I WAS on the Internet long enough to feed my obsession with cute camping trailers, however. I don't know why I am fascinated by them, but maybe it's because my husband (and our budget) makes me vacation in the "great" outdoors for 2 weeks every year.  Or maybe because I fantasize about running away from home and I would need a place to sleep if I do that.  Anyway, over the past year I've been salivating over the Little Guy trailer (tiny! cute! lightweight!). Larry was never on board with the idea, though, because he is too tall to stand up in it. Larry obviously doesn't realize that, should I choose to run away from home, he won't be invited to accompany me.

Hey, SOMEONE has to stay here and raise these kids, you know.

A teeny, tiny kitchen in the back! Perfect for a fugitive...

I've also been admiring the Alto travel trailers (cute! lightweight! toilet!), but PRICE-Y and also it's made in Canada somewhere and there is a waiting list over a year long.

$35,000 worth of cute 
Anywhoo, none of that matters now, because I have found my true love.  Right here.  More expensive than the Little Guy, but way cheaper than the Alto. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. And you can choose your color. Plus, there are modular furnishings inside, so you can rearrange it as you need to or add different components.

Larry, typically, refuses to share my enthusiasm.  He keeps muttering something about "money" and "trees."  Also, he thinks this camper looks like what would happen if a Volkswagen smashed into an IKEA store.

Did I mention CUTE?

As if there's something wrong with that.


  1. That cute camper completely looks like it was made by VW.
    I think my 14 year old is a year behind. I'm getting more eye rolls and exaggerated sighs than I've seen in a long time.

  2. I have never ever wanted a camper until seeing this cute, blue Happier Camper. Now I must have one! But what color to choose?

  3. So funny. You are like me. I have to stay off internet and get real life taken care of..oh look cute

  4. Being a grown up SO bites. Kids don't appreciate that fact.
    OH THAT CAMPER! I want one, too! And your description is perfect---a mashup of IKEA and a VW. It is!

  5. Just found your blog and love it. I try to get off the internet just so I won't freeze in the sitting position. I am your newest follower.

  6. Bwahahahaha..."a Volkswagen smashed into an IKEA store." I'm sorry to say, I think Larry is correct -- and not just because I am too tall for the Little Guy. I do like the Altos that have the extra height option but my budget is a killjoy. My husband keeps telling me that we could just get an older small trailer. He doesn't understand the joy of looking at trailers with you on the internet.