Monday, February 22, 2016


Disorganized people shouldn't sponsor giveaways, I'm thinking. Luckily, someone commented yesterday and mentioned it, at which point I thought, "Oh, yes! I'm doing that!" So I pulled out the trusty random-number generator and it gave me a 5. That means that Common Household Mom has won my copy of Wild, so if she will just email me her address, I can send it her way.

In other news, Larry managed to fix our dryer (again), so we have averted any marriage-threatening appliance decisions, at least for the foreseeable future. Whew! And, yes, Larry's becoming downright handy in his middle age. That's what homeowning will do to you eventually, I guess.

Who needs these when you have handknits?

I didn't blog last week, because I was supposed to be doing our taxes. I didn't do those either, actually. I did get some knitting done, however, so while Anna might not be able to file a FAFSA, she'll have some wonderful fingerless mitts to wear while she begs for college money on the street.

Auditions! I auditioned for Listen To Your Mother yesterday. I ended up writing a whole new piece (all about vomit!), because I didn't want to look lazy; but, once I walked in there, it sounded as if they wanted to hear about the decapitated stuffed animal heads again. I ended up reading them both, so they could pick. I'm all about choice.

And NOW won't I feel silly if I am not selected? I had 2 TRIES this year. I will take that as a sign from above that I am not cut out for this sort of thing. Because I really doubt that Radio Lab or The Moth will ever sponsor a show about recalcitrant 4-year-olds and the hapless parents who raise them.


  1. I survived the FAFSA, and dumped all my junk on my CPA to do the taxes, but some colleges also want me to do a thing called the CSS Profile, which has pretty much brought me to tears. Pray to the lords of college funding that you don't have to do that one.

    1. Larry filled out the CSS for our oldest, years ago. There was a lot of swearing and beer involved.

  2. We gave up on the FAFSA thing a year or two ago - since we never received anything - even when the Husband was unemployed. The taxes though...those are looming in my future and I'm not looking forward to it.

  3. Actually, I'd love to hear you on Radio Lab (even though their bit on Sunday made me cry) and good for you, auditioning both pieces!
    I'm really hoping my husband keeps up with the FAFSA because I didn't even get a statistical report turned in last week at work. (That I think it is a silly waste of time, and that the others who contribute to it feel the same way, is in my favor -- but I'm pretty sure I still have to do it since it's in my job description.)

  4. Woot! I am thrilled. But i am out of town so i hipe you can wait until i get back for me to send my address. Capitalization is also a problem for me when i am out of town.

  5. Aaaaaah! The fafsa! But, oh, Sarah Poulson, the Css profile is of the devil.

  6. Taxes - Uggh! I was supposed to work on mine last weekend too. Didn't happen. I just finished reading someone else's post about auditioning for Listen to Your Mother. She was saying how empowering it was just to put herself out there and try out. So good for you for trying out whether you get picked or not. You are braver than I!! Your post a few weeks ago was the first time I'd ever heard of it.

  7. I used to fill out the FAFSA diligently, but I gave up because we got either nothing, or loans we didn't want that we had to actively do something to reject.
    Good luck with Listen to your Mother!

  8. I HOPE YOU GET IT THIS TIME!!! They're fools to reject you.
    And oh, those forms. Evil, evil forms.