Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Now With A Soundtrack!

So, due to a disconcerting comment on the last post (thanks, Kayla!), I decided it would be wise to change my blog template. I like this new one, but I HATE the sidebar being on the left. I keep trying to get used to it, but I can't. What do you think? Am I the only one who cares? Probably. I mean, most of you are probably reading this on your phones and never even see the sidebar anyway, right?

Wasting time on very trivial matters since at least 2007 - that's me!

Larry came home Saturday, which meant I had to hurry up and finish my project of cleaning out our bedroom of all the junk that has piled up there. Turns out you can be married to someone for a very long time (26 years, say) before you realize they are completely incapable of throwing out old papers and checkbooks. I'm not saying there was too much stuff to take care of, but I did manage to overheat our shredder. Several times.

Oozing cranberries give it a
sort of crime scene vibe,
don't you think?
I made spaghetti and (Costco) meatballs for dinner the evening Larry came home, along with our traditional cranberry upside-down cake for his belated birthday celebration (and no, I'm still not entirely sure he even likes it). As we were all sitting at the table, enjoying our food and conversation, I noticed something.

"Hey," I asked my recently returned beloved, "have you ALWAYS cut up your spaghetti like that?"

Larry looked startled. "Um, yes...no...sometimes?" he said. "I hadn't really thought about it. I guess so?"

26 years, people - and I had no idea. I'm sure we will find a way to hold our marriage together despite our pasta-eating differences, but this discovery was a shock, I'll tell you that. Strangers, that's what we are - utter strangers.

Anywhoo, he SAYS he likes the new slipcovers. I'll never really know, because we've already paid for them and used them, so Larry would never let on if he didn't like them. Sort of like the cake, you know? I'm seeing a pattern here.

And, yes, opposites DO attract. I, for one, never hesitate to give my opinion on something.

In case you were wondering just what
5 lbs of potato chips looks like
In other news, I bought over 5 lbs of potato chips today, because I have absolutely no self-control whatsoever. In my defense, however, be it known that the potato chip factory was selling 3 lbs of the BBQ variety for the price of only 24 oz. Who in their right mind would pass up a deal like that, I ask you?

Not me, apparently.

I had been meaning to visit this potato chip factory for a while. Larry and I last dropped by with the kids several years ago, and at that point they mentioned they were moving further south to a new, larger plant. We agreed that that would be something to see and put it on our mental list of Things To Do Some Day Soon. So today I said to the girl behind the counter, "The last time I visited, it was at the old place, right before you moved. When was that? 5, 6 years ago?"

"When we moved?" she asked. "Oh, that was 2008."

9 years, people. NINE YEARS.

Moral of the story: Someday never comes...or, at best, it takes almost a decade.


  1. At first I was like, "What sidebar? I don't see a sidebar." But then I minimized my screen image just a tad and VOILA! a sidebar!

    1. Ha, I didn't see any sidebar either! I wonder what else I'm missing by upping my screen size (to see easier)....

    2. You're missing ALL MY FAVORITE TWEETS , people. But go ahead, live impoverished lives. I don't care.

  2. Love the new layout/background!

  3. I could never bring home potato chips like that! My mouth decides all food like that is its personal job to finish off --to save the children from junk food right? Anyway no self control here.

  4. I enlarge the screen to the point I see nothing but the blog post, because I'm old. I suppose I could put on my 2.0 readers instead but if I'm going to wear them all the time, I should probably just get a prescription for glasses. Denial is my superpower. (Love the soundtrack tonight!)

  5. Coach and I have been married for over 21 years. I can't decide if he always chewed his cereal crazy loud, or if I am just over-sensitive now that I have celiac disease and I can no longer eat my favorite cereal (Quaker Oat Squares - in case you are wondering).

  6. Oh, and I don't see the sidebar. I'm fairly computer literate though.

  7. Thank goodness other people commented about the sidebar because I thought I was losing my mind!

  8. I like the new template. It is crisp and refreshing. I can see the sidebar because I am using my desktop computer. I would be very sad if I could not see your curation of your favorite tweets. I am not on Twitter because my brain just can't handle it, but I really, really enjoy what you have selected!

  9. OK, I had to go to my chrome view button and zoom out to see the sidebar. Anyhoo, I like your template, with our without the sidebar.

  10. There is no sidebar

  11. I went to a fancy dance with this guy one time. His family owned an italian place. We both got pasta, they brought him penne and me the long stuff lol. I bet they had a field day watching that.