Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No Clever Title Available

Hi! I was cooking dinner last night (gee, that's new) and I realized that, just for a moment there, I looked like a cooking blogger:

Surprisingly healthy, too

Amazing, right? It turned into a frittata, if you're wondering, but I forgot to take pictures of the finished project. Which is, uh, just one of the many reasons why I am NOT a cooking blogger.

It finally turned really cold here, which is how I just noticed that, hey, my car doesn't seem to be getting warm while I'm driving it. I spent a while telling myself that it was just because I'm not used to the cold yet; then I spent another while telling myself that it was just because it's so cold out, the car can't get very warm; because, hey, the heater couldn't possibly be broken.

And then I remembered how I spent the entire hot, humid summer riding around in a car with hardly any air conditioning, because I kept thinking that maybe the AC in my car was fine and I was just being too fussy and hey, it was really hot out, and then I finally got the darn thing fixed in October (mechanic said the coolant was almost GONE).

It wouldn't have cost me any more to have fixed that in June and not suffered all summer, you know.

So I came home tonight after picking up Rachel and said to Larry, "I don't think the car is heating up the way it should. Could the heater be broken?" And the man who trusts me to educate our children said, "You should check the controls."

For a second, I just stood there, thinking he could not have possibly told me to see if the little dial was turned to the red part and if the blower was on the correct setting. Of course not.

So I said, "What?"

And he said, "You know, check the dials."

And I said, "WHAT?!?"

Whereupon the poor man sensed he had entered dangerous territory. "Well, I only meant you might have it on the defogger or something," he huffed.

Really. Larry thought I sat in the Best Buy parking lot for 15 minutes, waiting for Rachel and freezing my butt off, in a car I have driven for over 9 years, and didn't think to see if the blower dial was set correctly.

Anyway, sensing the animosity radiating from my general direction, he Googled "Toyota Sienna not getting warm" and read that maybe the thermostat is broken and - hooray! - that's not expensive.

And then he went to bed, because I was still glaring at him.


  1. Wise move Larry. Run away! Because seriously? Check the dials?? So glad it is an easy fix. Cars and houses are ridiculously expensive nowadays. I don't know how people are surviving.

  2. How long have you been married? Perhaps he had short term amnesia or something to ask a question like that. Good of him to walk away...before you hurt him. ;)

  3. Men! I'd be mad at my husband too for a comment like that but, with my luck, it would turn out that he was right! I *have* been know to space out a time or two...

  4. After almost 31 years of marriage, we have instituted something called "trust and verify" so that we don't shoot daggers from our eyes at one another. In this case, I would glare at him, he would go look at the knob (or whatever) to make sure I hadn't misread something, and then he'd google what the van needed from us. It takes the annoyance out of the equation just a little bit. Instead of saying things I might regret later, I just quietly chant, "Trust and verify".
    I try to remember that the only reason men come up with saying something like that is because they imagine that they would have the knob turned to the wrong spot.

  5. LOL

    My husband replaced the heater core in his truck last weekend. Apparently his 10 mile drive to work was too cold too!

  6. Wow - I wasn't aware that Larry had a secret death wish. When I was out of town over Thanksgiving weekend, Coach called to say he wished he knew where the xmas lights were for outside, because it wasn't too cold. I TOLD him that they were in the storage room. Why, oh why did he doubt me? He insisted that he looked 3 times. Our 18 yr old son, Ed, went down and found them. Of course. Men. That's all I can say about that.